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NASCAR legend Geoffrey Bodine tests a sled cockpit
NASCAR legend Geoffrey Bodine tests a sled cockpit

NASCAR drivers fuel American bobsled renaissance

The World Cup bobsled championships will be held next month in Lake Placid. Athletes from all over the world will compete on the Olympic track at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. The Americans will be riding a new generation of high-tech sleds, designed by a team that once built racing cars for NASCAR. As Brian Mann reports, the project has helped the U.S. compete in a sport long dominated by the Europeans.  Go to full article

NASCAR Drivers Become Sledders for Bobsled Team

The U.S. Bobsled Team won its first Olympic medals since 1956 in Salt Lake City four years ago. The turn-around is due in no small part to the philanthropic efforts of NASCAR veteran Geoff Bodine. He's raised more than a million dollars to help make better sleds with American technology. Last weekend, Bodine invited other NASCAR drivers to race the Olympic bobsled track in Lake Placid. They brought their addiction to speed and competition, and their fame, to help boost the sport. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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