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New APA chairman Curt Stiles inspecting Upper Saranac Lake (Source:  USL Foundation)
New APA chairman Curt Stiles inspecting Upper Saranac Lake (Source: USL Foundation)

Key Senate committees approve Stiles for APA chair

Late last night two key state Senate committees voted to confirm Curt Stiles as the new chair of the Adirondack Park Agency. Stiles lives on Upper Saranac Lake and sits on the Adirondack Council board. The Governor also appointed environmental attorney and professor Dick Booth from Ithaca and he reappointed Lake Pleasant town supervisor Frank Mezzano. As Brian Mann reports, the appointments drew mixed reviews from green groups and from local government leaders.  Go to full article

Booth wants APA seat

A professor from Ithaca says he still hopes to take a seat on the Adirondack Park Agency board. Confirmation hearings for Dick Booth in the state Senate could come as early as this month. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
Richard Booth (Source:  Cornell University)
Richard Booth (Source: Cornell University)

Dick Booth responds to concern over Spitzer enviro shake-up

Governor Spitzer's plan to shake-up his environmental leadership in the North Country sparked immediate opposition yesterday in the state Senate.
Six Senators have signed letters asking the governor to reconsider his plans. One letter was co-signed by four senators, including North Country Republicans Joe Griffo and Jim Wright. They described the dismissal of top DEC official Sandy LeBarron as "unwarranted". LeBarron heads Region 6 for the DEC, based in Watertown. The Senators wrote, "Her institutional experience makes her uniquely qualified to continue in her position".
A second letter - also signed by Griffo as well as Queensbury Republican Betty Little, and two others - opposed the appointment of Dick Booth to head the APA. Booth is a professor and attorney, who lives in Ithaca. By tradition, the APA chairman has always lived inside the blue line.
The senators' letter says the tradition should continue, "We believe the chairman should be a person who lives in the Adirondacks, understands the economy, and is accessible to the people of the Adirondacks".
Dick Booth has drawn strong support from environment groups in the North Country, but he'll need confirmation from the Republican-led Senate.
Brian Mann spoke with Booth yesterday about his nomination and local concerns.  Go to full article

Spitzer unveils major shake-up in Adk-North Country enviro leadership

The Spitzer administration has unveiled a major shake-up in the management of the Adirondack Park. State environment officials confirmed today that the leaders of the DEC in Region 5 and Region 6 has been asked to resign. A local government group also says the Governor is preparing to name a prominent environmentalist to serve as the new APA commissioner. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Farm Advocates In Adirondacks Say the Future is Local

On Wednesday, a group of farmers and local leaders from the Adirondacks traveled to Quebec. They made the trip to learn about strategies for developing and marketing local produce, everything from organic wheat to apple wine. Tom Both is supervisor in the town of Keene and heads a group called Adirondack Harvest. He spoke with Brian Mann about what he describes as a renaissance for the region's farms and orchards.  Go to full article

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