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Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Guitars by day, music by night

Steve Smith says he's living his dream. He lives in Brant Lake where he shares his love of music and builds his own guitars. Musicians who've influenced his Americana-style include Steven Stills, Jerry Garcia, Johnny cash and Levon Helm. He's been a musician most of his life, and plays guitar, bass, drums and piano. You'll hear his music at a solo concert in Lake Placid tonight and a concert in North Creek with the SL Smith Band on Sunday afternoon. Smith told Todd Moe that living in the southern Adirondacks has had a big influence on his life and music. He's off to Nashville later this year to record a new album. And there are other life changes. His sister's death a year ago pushed this former carpenter into making music and guitars full time.  Go to full article

Story-swapping: True or tall tales from the Adks

Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, TAUNY, is hosting a story-swapping session Wednesday night (7 pm) at the Horicon Community Center in Brant Lake. You're invited to share stories about encounters with mountain lions and other unusual or rare Adirondack creatures, like moose or wolves. Officially, mountain lions have been extinct in the Adirondacks since the late 1800s, but local reports of big cats have increased in the last few decades. Folklorist Nicole Farrell will lead tomorrow night's story-swapping session and she told Todd Moe she'll share her own story.  Go to full article

Meet the Masters: Jim & Colleen Cleveland, Ballad Singers, Brant Lake

Jim Cleveland and his daughter Colleen are descendants of Scottish and Irish settlers and sing the traditional ballads of those communities, usually without unaccompaniment. Some of the family's very old ballads have not been collected from any other North American source.  Go to full article

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