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Books: "Insinuendo"

Miriam Clavir has spent her career as an art and artifacts conservator. Today, she works part-time in conservation and devotes the rest of her time to writing fiction. She spends part of the year on Garter Lake, north of Kingston, Ontario.

Last year, she published her first murder mystery and will talk about the book with readers at the Ogdensburg Public Library Tuesday at 4:30 pm. Todd Moe spoke with her about Insinuendo, which is set in the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.  Go to full article
Chris Mazdzer of Saranac Lake, training this week in BC. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.
Chris Mazdzer of Saranac Lake, training this week in BC. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.

Checking in from Vancouver: "ready" but hoping for Olympic weather

The head of the organizing committee for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, says ``we're ready.''

The 16-day extravaganza starts tonight with the lavish opening ceremonies at B-C Place Stadium. About 55-thousand people will pack the stadium for the glittering event. It will be the first time the ceremonies for a Winter Games will be held indoors.

Outdoors, organizers are contending with un-winterlike weather.
Fog forced the cancellation of downhill training in Whistler yesterday.
Weeks of around-the-clock work and a small army of staff bringing in snow meant the courses were ready. But fog brought visibility down to about 100 yards.

Lake Placid-based photographer Nancie Battaglia is in Vancouver for the Games.
She came to Lake Placid to document the 1980 winter Olympics, and has been shooting Olympic pictures ever since.
For the next two weeks, she'll be checking in with North Country Public Radio about the games and the many athletes this region has sent to the 2010 games.

Martha Foley caught up with Battaglia yesterday afternoon. She'd just come down from watching practice at the luge and bobsled track.  Go to full article

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