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Brittany LaBrake
Brittany LaBrake

Raise Your Voice: Living on Your Own Isn't Easy

For a lot of kids in high school, the opportunity to live in your own apartment is like a dream come true, a long awaited chance for independence and freedom. That's what Brittany LaBrake thought. Brittany was living in a foster home for five years. A month before her 18th birthday, while she was still in high school, she signed herself out of foster care to live on her own. Brittany moved into an apartment in Potsdam with her boyfriend, Gary. She wanted to live her life independently, bravely, like her hero, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from TV. But it's not that easy. Here's Brittany's audio diary, a part of our series Raise Your Voice: Stories from North Country Teens.  Go to full article

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