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High court ruling could impact Bruno's sentence

A decision by the US Supreme Court Thursday could impact the prison sentence for New York's former State Senate Majority Leader, Joe Bruno. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

2009 in New York's capitol: turmoil in the economy, deadlock among lawmakers

Yesterday, NCPR's David Sommerstein and Brian Mann helped Martha Foley sort through the top North Country stories of 2009. The economy topped the list. That was predictable, even as long as a year ago. But politics was number two, and no one could have predicted what a dramatic and ongoing story that would have been for the region.

Similarly, in Albany, observers expected a bad year economically. But who knew how bad the political scene would look by the end of the year: with the "coup" in the state Senate, the governor's plunging popularity, gridlock over the budget, and the conviction of longtime Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno on corruption charges?

Martha Foley and Albany correspondent Karen DeWitt look back, and ahead:  Go to full article

Bruno trial focuses on his business relationships

The corruption trial of former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno continued in federal court yesterday, as prosecutors attempted to show that Bruno tried to conceal one of his business relationships. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Witnesses take the stand in Bruno trial

The first witnesses in the corruption trial of former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno testified in federal court Tuesday, as the prosecution tried to show that Bruno had tried to conceal some of his business interests from the public. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Bruno's corruption trial gets underway

The corruption trial of former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno gets underway in a federal courthouse in Albany Monday. There is some dispute, though, about the statute that Bruno has been charged under, known as the "theft of honest services" clause. Karen DeWitt explains.  Go to full article

Summer campaign season kicks into gear

The July Fourth holiday traditionally marks the start of the run-up to the big major party conventions and the real presidential campaign. But doesn't it seem like there's been politics and campaign news just forever this year? Partly it's been primary races that wound down through John Edwards and Mitt Romney, and then the prolonged duel of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And New York has made its own share of political headlines: the disgrace of former Governor Spitzer, a bitter special election to fill a North Country senate seat, the recent resignation of longtime Republican leader Joseph Bruno and the extra pressure that puts on the GOP to maintain its Senate majority. Martha Foley, David Sommerstein and Brian Mann sort through some of the state and regional highlights starting with the GOP's struggles in New York.  Go to full article
NYS Sen. Betty Little (R-Queensbury)
NYS Sen. Betty Little (R-Queensbury)

Little says Bruno retirement won't cost GOP control of Senate

Senator Joe Bruno's surprise announcement this week that he won't seek re-election raises new questions about the Republican Party's ability to hold its one-seat majority in the November elections. Democrats enjoy a lopsided advantage in terms of voter enrollment and fundraising. The GOP is also burdened by President George Bush's rock-bottom approval ratings. Brian Mann checked in with North Country Senator Betty Little, who says she hopes Bruno will help support Republican candidates through the end of the year.  Go to full article

Lawmakers, governor hash out last-minute deals

Governor David Paterson and legislative leaders are continuing to negotiate behind closed doors on a range of issues they're aiming to settle before the Legislature adjourns its session. There are some indications that the Republican-led State Senate is moving toward support of Governor David Paterson's property tax cap. Karen DeWitt reports  Go to full article

Aubertine supports property tax cap

Democratic State Senator Darrel Aubertine says lawmakers are talking about consolidation of local governments as a means of saving money. He's recommending schools and other public employers pool resources for equipment, insurance and prescription drugs. Aubertine says consolidation is now part of Albany's heated debate over capping property taxes. Speaking with Jonathan Brown, the Senator says he agrees with Governor Paterson's proposal to cap tax growth at four percent.  Go to full article
<i>Times-Union</i> columnist asks whether Eliot Spitzer...
Times-Union columnist asks whether Eliot Spitzer...

Columnist: Spitzer swaps Troopergate for Drivergate

Governor Eliot Spitzer arrived in Albany after one of the biggest landslide victories in New York state history. But his first year in office has been marked by gridlock, scandal, and an epic political feud with Senate majority leader Joe Bruno. Brian Mann checked in with Albany Times-Union columnist Fred LeBrun, who says there's little sign things are about to improve.  Go to full article

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