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News stories tagged with "bush"

Plattsburgh Council Calls for Bush Investigation

The Plattsburgh city council adopted a resolution last night calling for a federal investigation into the Bush administration's decision to go to war in Iraq. Todd Moe has details.  Go to full article
Veteran peace activist Martha Swan (Photo:  Jimm Collin)
Veteran peace activist Martha Swan (Photo: Jimm Collin)

Adirondack Group Considers War, Impeachment

Over the last six years, President George Bush has drawn his most loyal support from voters and activists in rural America. A poll taken earlier this month by Ithaca-based Zogby International found that Bush's popularity in small towns has declined, thanks to the war in Iraq, the Dubai ports deal, and Hurricane Katrina.
But half of rural Americans still say Bush is going a good job. That's about a third higher than the rest of the country. On Saturday, a group of 50 activists met at the old courthouse in Elizabethtown. They hope to build a grassroots campaign aimed at changing Bush's image here in the North Country. As Brian Mann reports, they see the local effort as part of a national movement to impeach the President.  Go to full article
Bill Goodman, legal director, Center for Consitutional Rights.  Photo by Jimm Collins
Bill Goodman, legal director, Center for Consitutional Rights. Photo by Jimm Collins

Grassroots Group Hears Lawyer's Case Against Bush

Consitutional law expert Bill Goodman visits Elizabethtown for a meeting on impeaching the president. Goodman is the legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights. The New York-based non-profit recently published a book detailing the case for impeaching President Bush. Illegal wiretapping is on the top of Goodman's list. He spoke with Douglas Hopper at the gathering.  Go to full article

Bush Defends Troubled Medicare Program

President Bush used a western New York high school gym yesterday as the setting to defend Medicare's new prescription drug benefit plan. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Budget Cuts to Close EPA Libraries?

An environmental watchdog group is criticizing President Bush's proposal to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency's library system. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Sarah Hulett reports.  Go to full article

Farmers, Lawmakers to Fight Bush's "Milk Tax"

Dairy farmers will join New York and Vermont's congressional delegations to fight a proposed "milk tax" in President Bush's 2007 executive budget. The budget calls for a 3 cent fee on every hundredweight of milk. It also cuts a milk price compensation program by 5 percent. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Mixed Reaction to Bush's State of the Union Speech

Two of the North Country's elected representatives differed, predictably, in their reactions to President Bush's State of the Union address last night. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Democrats Ready to Question Supreme Court Nominee Miers

Some Democrats aren't willing to give Harriet Miers a quick go-ahead to sit on the Supreme Court. The top Democrat on the Senate judiciary committee, Vermont's Patrick Leahy, says Miers was not on the list of acceptable nominees he gave to the White House, and he doubts Miers could be confirmed as quickly as Republicans hope. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Environmentalists Slam Bush Over Superfund Cleanups

Environmentalists are marking the 25th anniversary of the Superfund by criticizing the Bush administration for not doing enough to clean up toxic waste sites. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Wolves Retain Endangered Species Protection

A federal judge in Montpelier, Vermont, says the Bush administration can't take gray wolves off the endangered species list until the animals return to the Northeast. Gray wolf populations have rebounded in the Great Lakes and the Rockies. As Brian Mann reports, some pro-environment groups want to reintroduce the predators in Maine, Vermont, and New York.  Go to full article

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