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Tough times for nonprofits

During hard economic times, many nonprofit organizations face a double challenge. A weak economy often means decreasing revenue, but increasing demand for services. Cali Brooks directs the community foundation serving the Adirondacks.  Go to full article

North Country Charities Face Lean Times

It's been a tough year for many non-profits in the North Country. Charities have seen their investments dwindle, as the stock market spiraled downward. Donors are writing fewer checks - and the checks they are writing often promise fewer dollars. Brian Mann sat down this week with Cali Brooks, head of the Adirondack Community Trust. He found that many groups are trying to hold to their mission, despite shrinking bank accounts.  Go to full article

Commentary: What to do With Your Tax Rebate

Commentator Cali Brooks offers a thought about what to do with your share of President Bush's tax cut.  Go to full article

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