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News stories tagged with "call-in"

Fall Food Call-in

Host Martha Foley, guests chef George Arnold and Carol Berard take your calls on cooking up the harvest. Part of the NCPR Food Book project.  Go to full article

Special Places Call-in

Host Martha Foley and Varick Chittenden of Traditional Arts in Upstate New York explore "Very Special Places," the cultural landmarks in the North Country. This summer during the Eight O'Clock Hour we've already visited a unique Lewis County church, an old department store in Croghan, a summer camp on Lake Champlain, a one-room school in Colton, an historic retreat cottage in the Thousand Islands, and a boatbuilder's shop Saranac Lake. We asked callers to tell us about their significant North Country places.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Summer Reading Call-in

Hosts Ellen Rocco and Chris Robinson are joined by John Ernst and your calls to compile a selection of the best warm weather books for this year's annual summer reading list. You can request an email or printed copy of the list from, or by calling the station, 1-877-388-6277.  Go to full article

Summer Cooking Call-in

Join Martha Foley, Carole Berard and George Arnold for a conversation about summer food traditions in the North Country.  Go to full article

Call-in on regional climate change

Local weather and natural observations recorded for the region over many years give support for the claim that the North Country mirrors the rest of the world in experiencing a warming climate. What might that mean for the environment, the economy, and our way of life? Martha Foley, paleoclimatologist Curt Stager and physicist Aileen O'Donoghue discuss the possibilities and take calls from listeners.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Annual Poetry Month Call-in

Each April, Poetry Month, Readers & Writers opens the airwaves to poets and poetry fans throughout the region. Callers join special guests Kathleen Curry, Albert Glover and Allen Hoey with poetry of adversity and overcoming obstacles. Chris Robinson and Dale Hobson co-host.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Winter Reading Call-in

Our Annual Winter Reading Call-in, a special two-hour edition of Readers & Writers. Ellen Rocco, Chris Robinson and guest John Ernst discuss their picks for the best winter reading this year. They are joined by callers and correspondents from throughout the region.  Go to full article

Holiday Food and Festivities Call-in

Host Martha Foley is joined by Jackie Sauter, Wally Seibel and Carol Berard, cooks and food enthusiasts all, to share holiday recipes and tips with callers. The call-in is an annual holiday feature.  Go to full article

Ask the Station Call-in

NCPR Station manager Ellen Rocco, program director Jackie Sauter, and news director Martha Foley answer listeners' questions about NCPR and public broadcasting.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Summer Reading Call-in (Hour 1)

Listeners share their best summer reading picks with host Ellen Rocco and co-hosts Chris Robinson and John Ernst.  Go to full article

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