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Revisiting a classic paddle and one long canoe carry

Well, it's Thanksgiving, a great day for storytelling. So we have a great one from deep in the NCPR archives. Twelve years ago, in fact. Our website was just one year old. The photos are the size of postage stamps. Facebook wouldn't exist for another several years.

Our Adirondack bureau chief, Brian Mann, took me on one of the classic Adirondack canoe routes. Through the Five Ponds Wilderness and some of the most remote forests and rivers in the East. Here's Brian's story of our journey. It's the kind of story you want to listen to rather than read. Click to listen!  Go to full article
Baylor Johnson and Dan McConnell stand before a potential whitewater park spot
Baylor Johnson and Dan McConnell stand before a potential whitewater park spot

Plans for whitewater "play park" in Canton

This weekend, the village of Canton will be a haven for flatwater paddlers with the 50th anniversary of the Rushton canoe races.

There are also plans in the works to make better use of the Grasse River's whitewater. Planners are exploring construction of a "whitewater play park" at four sites on the Grasse in Canton. There's a public meeting on the subject tonight at 5:30 at the Grasse River Heritage building in the village.

David Sommerstein caught up with two of the organizers, Baylor Johnson and Dan McConnell.  Go to full article
Setting off
Setting off

Audio postcard: first paddle in the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness Area

Saturday was cool and cloudy in the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness Area. But that didn't stop Jonathan Brown from his first paddle of the season. The brim of his hat kept his tape recorder dry so he could send this audio postcard.  Go to full article
The DEC's Blanche Town looks for birds...
The DEC's Blanche Town looks for birds...

A wetland maze in a birder?s heaven

The end of August is a special chance to take full advantage of a birder's paradise just a few minutes from Canton. You name it: mergansers, black terns, bitterns, even loons and bald eagles, all make the Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area their summer home. The area opens its off-limits refuge to the public for two weeks each summer, this year through August 31. Still, much of the area's 4,300 acres of wetlands is accessible throughout the summer. From a canoe, a labyrinth of shifting cattails leads to the open water of Indian Creek, which links the Grasse and Oswagatchie Rivers. David Sommerstein took a tour with a wildlife expert and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: SLU students build a canoe

It's a big paddling weekend in Canton. Saturday and Sunday are the 46th Annual Rushton Memorial Canoe Races on the Grasse River. Among the racers in the college student category will be a team from St. Lawrence University who built their own canoe. David Sommerstein visited their workshop when the canoe was under construction for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article
Jonathan Hammond of Alexandria Bay
Jonathan Hammond of Alexandria Bay

Teen canoe champ defends title

This weekend, a couple dozen paddlers are in Ohio for the National Interpretive Freestyle Canoeing championships. Picture figure skating or synchronized swimming in a canoe, replete with dance-like flourishes and evocative music, sometimes even costumes. Defending his title is the youngest canoeist to win top honors in the sport's 20-year history - 10th grader Jonathan Hammond of Alexandria Bay. David Sommerstein has this profile.  Go to full article
Lampson Falls
Lampson Falls

A Whitewater Paddle on the Grasse River

The high water season of spring gives paddlers an opportunity to run the North Country's best stretches of whitewater. Every year the Adirondack Mountain Club's Laurentian chapter sponsors a classic run on the Grasse River in southwestern St. Lawrence County. From the put-in at Lampson Falls to the town of Russell, the river roars down 9 cascades and miles of rapids. David Sommerstein hitched a ride in the trip leader's canoe and sends this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Icy Canoe on South Bay

Yesterday, we heard about canoe races - the Whitewater Derby in North Creek in particular. Today, we stay on the water, but on a canoe trip of a different sort. Brian Mann paddled up the headwaters of Lake Champlain in the late fall of 2000 - up South Bay, which will never see the traffic that the Saranac, or the Grasse or the Oswegatchie do. There's never a busy season, though the scenery is spectacular.  Go to full article

Five Ponds Wilderness: a Journey on the Bog River and the Oswegatchie

One of the classic Adirondack canoe routes begins near Tupper Lake and winds through the Five Ponds Wilderness toward Cranberry Lake. That section of the north country offers some of the most remote forests and rivers in the East. Two of our reporters, Brian Mann and David Sommerstein, made the trip earlier this month. They sent back this audio journal.  Go to full article

Enviro-Trek: Canoeing from Paul Smiths to NYC

Martha Foley talks with a member of the Paul Smith's College Enviro-Trek team. Last summer, they paddled canoes all the way from Paul Smith's to New York City--much of the trip along the Hudson River. Becky Sutter was coordinator of educational programs for the trip.  Go to full article

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