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"Golden Crescent" epicenter of wind farm battles

This week, Iberdrola Renewables revealed plans to build 75 wind turbines in the St. Lawrence County town of Hammond. The windmills would be 66 feet taller than those on the Tug Hill Plateau. Many would be visible from the St. Lawrence River.

From Hammond upriver to Clayton, Cape Vincent, and around the shoreline of eastern Lake Ontario, developers want to build hundreds of windmills. One plan for a wind farm on Galloo Island already has approval of the Jefferson County legislature.

The New York Power Authority is in on the "wind rush," too. NYPA wants to install at least 120 megawatts of wind power in the waters of Lakes Ontario and Erie. Local residents refer to the eastern Lake Ontario region as "The Golden Crescent." Critics of the wind farm plans say windmills will scare away the tourists and anglers who drive the local economy. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Aubertine to chair Ag committee

North Country Senator Darrel Aubertine has been tapped to chair the Senate Agriculture Committee. His position was the first to be announced at today's press conference with incoming Senate majority leader Malcolm Smith. Agriculture is one of the biggest sectors of New York's economy. Aubertine is the only active farmer in the state legislature. He owns a dairy farm in Cape Vincent in Jefferson County. Aubertine told David Sommerstein the post was his first choice for a leadership position. He said it allows him to help set the agenda for one of the biggest sectors of the state economy.  Go to full article

AG establishes wind power ethics code

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has developed a code of ethics for wind power projects in New York. The guidelines announced yesterday cover conflicts of interest between wind developers and local officials. They set fines of up to $100,000. Noble Environmental Power, which operates three wind farms in Clinton county, is one of two companies to sign on to the ethics code. But the agreement doesn't end probes into potential wrongdoing. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Jefferson co. hires wind farm consultant

Jefferson County is taking steps to get the most from corporations that want to build wind farms there. The county is hiring a consultant who specializes in payment-in-lieu-of-taxes negotiations. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Pro-wind forces sweep in Cape Vincent

Incumbents won races for supervisor and town council in Cape Vincent. The bitterly fought campaign centered around two proposed industrial wind farms. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Wind blows hot in Cape Vincent races

In Jefferson County, all county legislators are up for re-election, but only 4 of 15 districts have two candidates. In District 1, Michael Docteur, the incumbent Republican, faces a challenge from Democrat Michael Geiss. Democrat Dean Morrow is challenging Republican Phillip Reed in District 3. Republican Sarah Corey is trying to unseat Democrat Addie Jenne in District 4. And Republican Robert Boice faces a challenge from Democrat Doris McLallen in District 11. In the town of Cape Vincent, two proposed wind farms are generating hot races. The campaigns have centered on whether signing contracts to lease land for the wind turbines is a conflict of interest. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Local boards grapple with the wind

More than a dozen towns along the rooftop of New York State, from Jefferson County to Clinton County, are caught up in a "wind rush". Big corporations from Spain, Portugal, England, and the United States are scrambling to take advantage of federal "green" energy tax credits before they expire. The wind farms offer several million dollars in land contracts and property taxes to struggling rural communities. But in doing so, they stir up deep resentment between people who stand to gain from them, and people who don't, but still have to look at and listen to giant windmills spinning 24 hours a day. The task of regulating this new industry falls to each local town council. In part two of a series on the latest wind power developments in the North Country, David Sommerstein reports local lawmakers can end up over their heads in politics, science, and money.  Go to full article

Questions at Clayton wind forum

More than 100 people with questions about wind power attended a forum in Clayton last night. Three different developers have proposed industrial-scale wind farm projects in northern Jefferson County. All are in preliminary stages. The forum was one of several held statewide by the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. The group supports wind power that includes a complete environmental review. Jefferson County's Agricultural Development Authority co-sponsored the event. Citizen Campaign's Derreth Glance moderated the forum. She told David Sommerstein people wanted to know about access roads for turbines, payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreements, and turbine bird mortality. She says they were especially interested in the words of two Lewis County supervisors on the forum panel, who live by the Maple Ridge wind farm on the Tug Hill Plateau.  Go to full article

Windmills spark jobs and power

A developer submitted an application for a wind farm in Cape Vincent last week. According to the Watertown Daily Times, AES Acciona Wind Power NY wants to erect 65 wind turbines south of the village along Route 12E. The company will set up an escrow account to pay expenses as the town conducts an environmental review. Cape Vincent planning board chairman Richard Edsall told the Times, "we have the right to outside professional expertise, and we intend to use it." Two wind farm proposals in Cape Vincent have sparked controversy over how far turbines should be allow to be built from homes, roads, and the St. Lawrence River.

A boom in the wind power industry nationwide is helping the St. Lawrence Seaway. Freighters are carrying loads of turbine blades and tower pieces from Denmark and other countries in Europe to ports in the Great Lakes. In fact, wind energy developers are ordering so many windmills, they're running into a supply problem. Now there are plans to build factories to produce windmills in the U.S. It's all happening in spite of inconsistent federal support. The Environment Report's Stephanie Hemphill reports.  Go to full article

Virus Killing More Fish in Lake Ontario?

Thousands more dead fish are washing up on the shore of eastern Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River. Biologists and local businesses are concerned because many different species are being killed. As David Sommerstein reports, a new virus may be causing the die-off.  Go to full article

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