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News stories tagged with "capitol"

Photo: Karen DeWitt
Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany keeps warm

Weekend snow has not deterred protesters at Occupy Albany, a growing encampment across the street from the State Capitol. The demonstrators are firing up newly-acquired outdoor heaters and planning more actions, including future protests against the expiration of a millionaires tax and the possibility of state worker layoffs. Karen DeWitt paid a visit to the encampment and has this report.  Go to full article
Capitol roof (Karen DeWitt)
Capitol roof (Karen DeWitt)

Budget cuts threaten the roof over lawmakers' heads

New York's historic Capitol Building is another victim of this year's tight budget. Renovations there were well underway when millions were cut from the project funding as Gov. Paterson laid out his deficit reduction plans.

Now, like any householders, the architect and project managers are re-ordering their priorities. Karen DeWitt went up on the roof to check out their progress.  Go to full article

McHugh on Closing the House Due To Anthrax Attack

There's been mixed reactions on Capitol Hill about shutting down the House until Tuesday, after evidence was found in a Senate office. Jody Tosti spoke with Congressman John McHugh about his views on the closure.  Go to full article

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