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News stories tagged with "car"

Under the Hood of the Derby Car

Ever thought about building your own derby car? Or just want to know what's inside that thing? Ed "Speedo" Jager has been building derby cars for over a decade. He shows us inside a derby car in his New Jersey backyard. This piece was produced by Gregory Warner for POV Interactive, the web division of the public television program POV.  Go to full article
Chris Smutz (L) and Rick Smith show off their dB drag racer.
Chris Smutz (L) and Rick Smith show off their dB drag racer.

World's Loudest Car Stereo

This weekend, two of the North Country's own are in Nashville competing for the distinction of building the world's loudest car stereo at the dB Drag Racing World Finals. The sport has nothing to do with racing, or with music, for that matter. The goal is basically to turn a car into one big resonating audio bomb. Chris Smutz and Rick Smith both work at Northern Music & Video in Potsdam. Last winter they stripped down an old Chevy Astro van, leaving only the engine, dashboard, windshield, roof and doors intact. The rest is subwoofers, batteries, and a resonating chamber, all scientifically arranged to make a low, loud blast. David Sommerstein visited Chris and Rick earlier this week as rain pattered on the roof of their workshop in Hannawa Falls.  Go to full article

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