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Photo: <a href=""/>Dan Davison</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Photo: Dan Davison, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

How do farmers feed the world in the 21st century?

By 2050, the planet will be supporting an estimated nine billion people. That number is from The Miner Institute, an agricultural research center in Chazy. Here's another: food production will have to rise 70 percent if all those people are to have enough to eat. But increased production won't be the only measure of success. All that food will have to be raised without degrading the environment.

Dr. John Bramley is a researcher and educator. He was president of the University of Vermont, as well as director of Vermont's agricultural experiment station. He'll talk about the challenges of feeding the world at the Miner Institute tonight. Martha Foley talked with Bramley this week.  Go to full article

Evolution debate alive in Chazy theater

Elections for the Kansas state board of education this week centered on a furious debate over evolution, Darwinism, and biblical creationism. The fight over science and faith continues to rage in America. This weekend at the Chazy Central Rural School, a local theater company will stage a production of Inherit the Wind. Brian Mann spoke with director Andrew LaFontaine. He says the debate over Darwin's theory has proved much more enduring than the play's authors expected.  Go to full article

Don Perkins is North Country Public Radio

Bluegrass fiddler Don Perkins of Chazy tells how he came to pick up the instrument he loves second-best in life (next to his wife).  Go to full article

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