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News stories tagged with "checkpoint"

Republican Reps Firm in Opposition to Checkpoint

After another round of meetings with Department of Homeland Security officials, two north country Republican congressmen are still opposing a security checkpoint on I-87. Representative John McHugh and John Sweeney issued a press release yesterday saying the federal government's information about the project isn't adequate. Congressman Sweeney says the checkpoint looks dangerous and impractical. Department of Homeland Security officials have defended the checkpoint, saying it could help slow the traffic of drugs and illegal immigrants from Canada. The traffic stop has been deeply unpopular in the region since an accident at the site in 2004 killed four people. A federal report on the proposal is expected in the next few weeks.  Go to full article

Trucker Won?t Face Criminal Charges after Deadly Checkpoint Crash

A Canadian truck driver won't face criminal charges following a crash last September on the Northway that killed four people. The fiery accident took place at a controversial U-S Border Patrol checkpoint on I-87. As Brian Mann reports, an Essex county grand jury voted not to indict Jean Marc Petitclerc.  Go to full article

Border Patrol Faces More I-87 Checkpoint Questions

Two New York congressmen will meet with Border Patrol officials today in Washington. Republicans John McHugh and John Sweeney will question the Border Patrol about safety measures at a controversial immigration checkpoint on I-87. As Brian Mann reports, both lawmakers have called for changes.  Go to full article

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