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Sayward convenes Adirondack "caucus"

Republican Teresa Sayward, the New York State Assemblywoman from Willsboro, on Lake Champlain, hopes a new coalition will begin to come together at a meeting tonight in Chestertown. She's invited local leaders, other state representatives, interest groups and the public to form a broad-based, bi-partisan group that will focus on the needs and issues of the Adirondacks. Martha Foley has more.

Tonight's forum begins at 7 pm in the Town of Chester Municipal Center Auditorium, on Route 9 in Chestertown.  Go to full article

Pro-Environment Group Sues APA, Town of Chester

A pro-environment group is suing the Adirondack Park Agency and the town of Chester in Warren County.  Go to full article
Wilds of Lake Champlain
Wilds of Lake Champlain

Wisdom in the Valley: a Conversation with Bill McKibben

People often describe the two shores of Lake Champlain as separate worlds, with distinct cultures and economies. Environmental writer Bill McKibben thinks western Vermont and the eastern Adirondacks should be seen as parts of one unique landscape. His new book, published next month by Crown, is called Wandering Home. The travel journal describes a long walk across the Champlain Valley. McKibben describes the valley and its communities as one of the most hopeful places in America.  Go to full article

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