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This year's tree, this morning.
This year's tree, this morning.

A perfect day, and a perfect tree

A bright winter day, and a meadow full of balsam trees. Martha Foley reprises a family outing to find the perfect Christmas tree.
The postcard from a Vermontville clearing first aired in 1994.  Go to full article

How to Find a Tree Fit for the Holidays

Some people will travel from site to site, farm to farm looking for the best Christmas Tree. Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips on picking the perfect tree and taking care of it through the Holidays.  Go to full article

Commentary: Finally. A BIG Christmas Tree

Commentator Paul Willcott and his wife Ann decided to have the perfect Christmas tree, the one they'd long dreamed of. They were the new owners of a rambling cure cottage in Saranac Lake. It was the right time and place for the perfect tree. It didn't seem like such a big undertaking, but, well, let him tell the story.  Go to full article

Sniffing Out Christmas Tree Thieves

Some universities have found a way to fight Christmas tree rustlers. It involves a foul-smelling concoction that makes thieves regret taking a tree. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Rebecca Williams has the recipe for the nasty, yet effective repellant.  Go to full article

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