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Bruce McCulley, general manager of Whiteface Mountain, monitors the snow guns that he uses to battle the weather (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Bruce McCulley, general manager of Whiteface Mountain, monitors the snow guns that he uses to battle the weather (Photo: Brian Mann)

Another rainy December day, tough news for winter tourism

Temperatures today in much of the North Country are expected to top forty degrees, with a chance of rain in some areas. If you hate shoveling snow or paying a big bill for your heating oil, this winter's mild weather is probably great news.

But for thousands of people who rely on snow for winter tourism, this year's lingering, autumn-like conditions have been painful. From Glens Falls to Malone, ski areas have been forced to delay their openings, or are operating with limited trails. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
Duane Adams in his favorite holiday attire...
Duane Adams in his favorite holiday attire...

A heart as big as Santa's, and a real beard, too

For more than 45 years, an Ogdensburg man has donned his Santa suit and played a Christmas role that has brought much joy to himself and others. Duane Adams first played Santa when he was a soldier stationed near Saigon during the Vietnam War. Every season since, Adams has visited schools, hospitals, nursing homes and parades dressed as the jolly old elf. His Santa work begins in November and, like the real deal, he's busiest right before Christmas. He's always the guest of honor at Ogdensburg's annual Santa Claus parade. For Adams, most of the pleasure comes from giving back -- he donates all his Santa earnings to local charities.

Todd Moe paid him a visit during a day off, and found the beard, belly and generosity are all genuine.  Go to full article
Carolers gather outside TAUNY in downtown Canton.
Carolers gather outside TAUNY in downtown Canton.

Celebrating the season with song

Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, TAUNY, organized a couple of caroling parties again this month in Canton. Songs celebrating midwinter, the solstice and Christmas have been sung for centuries. Caroling, or groups of singers moving from house to house during the Holidays, probably began in England, France and Germany in the 15th century. But, what motivates people to bundle-up and sing outdoors in December today? Todd Moe talks with Traditional Arts in Upstate New York staff folklorist Hannah Harvester, who has studied the history and evolution of caroling.  Go to full article
Sharon Williams wants to see more menorahs around the North Country.
Sharon Williams wants to see more menorahs around the North Country.

Potsdam Synagogue adds menorahs to holiday displays

Like most of America, the North Country is lit up with Christmas decorations at this time of year. While it brings joy to many people, it can make others feel like outsiders. Julie Grant reports about an effort by the synagogue in Potsdam to make the season more inclusive - by adding menorahs to holiday displays.  Go to full article

Long nights good for star-gazing

Between Jupiter in the east and Venus rising in the west, there's lots to see at night. And as the Solstice approaches, there's plenty of nighttime hours at both ends of the day. Aileen O'Donoghue teaches astronomy at St. Lawrence University. She stopped in to give Martha Foley the highlights of the night sky in late December.  Go to full article
A family tradition. Photo: Todd Moe.
A family tradition. Photo: Todd Moe.

All about Christmas trees

Whether you cut your own or buy from the local fire department, there are things to look for to find the perfect Christmas tree. And there are a couple of must-do's do keep it as fresh as possible. (Water soon, and often.) Cornell Cooperative extension horticulturist Amy Ivy shares tips with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Celebrating the many moods of winter and the holidays through song

Social Band, a mixed chorus of 22 singers based in Burlington, will celebrate all things winter -- from outer cold to inner warmth - with two concerts this weekend in Vermont.

Some of the music will come from the group's first winter album, which came out a couple of years ago. The music ranges from traditional and medieval carols to works by modern Vermont composers.

Social Band will perform Saturday, 7:30 pm at Burlington's First Baptist Church and Sunday 4:00 pm at the Charlotte Congregational Church. Todd Moe spoke with director Amity Baker about Deep Midwinter.  Go to full article
Bartender Libby Wheeler knows the secret behind the Crystal's Tom & Jerry
Bartender Libby Wheeler knows the secret behind the Crystal's Tom & Jerry

Heard Up North: Tom & Jerry

This is the only time of year you can wet your whistle with Watertown's favorite seasonal cocktail--the Tom & Jerry at the Crystal Restaurant on historic Public Square.

David Sommerstein had his first Tom & Jerry a year ago at the Crystal, and turned the experience into this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

New choral group explores traditional English Christmas music

A new northern Adirondack chamber choral group makes its debut this holiday season. Todd Moe talks with Angela Brown, a co-founder and singer in the group, Northern Adirondack Vocal Ensemble, or "NAVE."

The ensemble will perform "Festival of Lessons and Carols" on Saturday night at St. Peter's Church in Plattsburgh and on Sunday afternoon at St. Agnes Church in Lake Placid.

Angela Brown told Todd Moe that the new choral group has brought her, and husband Kellum Smith, back to their vocal music roots.  Go to full article
Santa told my grandson that Rudolph and the other reindeers had been playing reindeer games, and... knocked the train off the tracks."

Polar Express derails

The Polar Express train ride to see Santa Claus might have been even more memorable than usual - when it went off the rails on the way to the North Pole last night. More than 300 children and adults were on the train. The Utica Fire Department says there was one minor injury, but otherwise no one was hurt.  Go to full article

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