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News stories tagged with "civil-confinement"

Transition in New York: criminal justice

This week, North Country Public Radio is speaking with North Country members of Eliot Spitzer's transition team. These are the people who are helping the Governor-elect formulate his policies going forward. Lee Clary of Black River sits on the criminal justice transition committee. Clary retired as a Jefferson County Court judge in 1999. He served as Jefferson County's district attorney for 10 years. He spoke with David Sommerstein about the Rockefeller drug laws, civil confinement of sex offenders, and the local justice court system. Clary says rural communities deal with a different mix of crimes than cities.  Go to full article

Ogdensburg Council Approves Civil Confinement Unit

The Ogdensburg city council passed a resolution Monday night supporting the civil confinement of violent sexual predators at the St Lawrence Psychiatric Center. Up to 80 offenders could be confined for an indefinite period after their release from prison, when the facility opens this winter. Supporters say it will mean up to 180 new jobs, but there's still lingering public opposition to the plan.  Go to full article

Lawmakers Say No to One Civil Confinment Plan

A legisaltive conference committee has rejected Gov. Pataki's plan to convert a minimum security prison into special housing for civil confinment of sex offenders. It's not clear where that leaves plans for to house sex offenders at other facility, including one in Ogdensburg. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Some Ogdensburg Residents Protest Civil Confinement of Sex Offenders

Since 1998, Governor Pataki has proposed civil confinement legilislation that would enable New York State to civilly commit violent sex offenders after their release from prison. Republicans this year have pushed hard for such legislation this year, and lawmakers in Albany now seem close to a compromise bill. The governor's proposed budget provides $192 million for the project, the bulk of which would go towards capital costs to prepare 8 selected housing sites around the state to accept civilly confined sexual offenders as soon as October of 2006. One of those eight proposed sites is a building at St Lawrence Psychiatric Center, in Ogdensburg. As Gregory Warner reports, local residents aren't all happy about the idea.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County Sex Offender Returned to Prison

A sex offender from St. Lawrence County who was to have been released Wednesday has instead been returned to state prison. The man is among a group of sex offenders Governor Pataki wants to detain involuntarily after they've served their time. Last week, a judge ruled the practice is illegal. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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