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Photo via <a href="">Clarinets for Conservation on Facebook</a>, used with permission
Photo via Clarinets for Conservation on Facebook, used with permission

Tree-saving clarinetists bring mission to Saranac Lake

This evening, a quartet on a mission will play the BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake. C4C Quartet will raise money for Clarinets for Conservation, an organization clarinetist Michele Von Haugg founded with a goal to save the African Blackwood Tree, or 'Mpingo, in Tanzania. The wood is used to make musical instruments including the clarinet.

Over a the last few years, Von Haugg and other clarinetists have raised money to travel to Africa to teach music and plant hundreds of trees. She told Todd Moe that the students learn about sustainability, and that learning music benefits kids in much broader ways, too.  Go to full article
Clarinetist Jon Manasse
Clarinetist Jon Manasse

ONNY celebrates the music of three great composers

The Orchestra of Northern New York will pay tribute to three composers in Potsdam's Hosmer Hall on Saturday night. The concert, titled A Mozart, Barber and Schumann Celebration, also features Jon Manasse, one of the world's finest clarinetists. Manasse will perform Mozart's Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, which is considered one of the best wind concertos written by Mozart and a challenging piece for soloists. Todd Moe spoke with Manasse, who admits that he wasn't an instant fan of the clarinet.  Go to full article
Potsdam Clarinet Quartet on stage at Hosmer Hall in 2007
Potsdam Clarinet Quartet on stage at Hosmer Hall in 2007

Live on Friday: The Potsdam Clarinet Quartet

Clarinetists Alan Woy, Roxanne Woy, Jill Roberts and Wally Siebel join Todd Moe in the studio to celebrate music for the clarinet. They perform a couple of chamber pieces and a Joplin rag.  Go to full article

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