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Former Ugandan child soldier and founder and executive director of Friends of Orphans Ricky Richard Anywar meets with Clarkson University students in Uganda. (photo: Clarkson University)
Former Ugandan child soldier and founder and executive director of Friends of Orphans Ricky Richard Anywar meets with Clarkson University students in Uganda. (photo: Clarkson University)

Moving the world: from child soldier to community servant

In our occasional series, Moving the World, we meet people who share their skills, expertise and resources with communities around the globe. Ricky Richard Anywar has survived his share of trouble. At 14, he was abducted by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and forced into slavery as a child soldier. His family was killed by the LRA. But Anywar escaped two years later. Despite what he calls an "interrupted childhood," he earned a college degree. That led to work with the Ugandan Ministry of Education. For more than 10 years he has worked to give back to his native Uganda by empowering and reintegrating former child soldiers.

Anywar is founder and executive director of "Friends of Orphans," or FRO, which pays the school fees for former child soldiers and young mothers. It runs vocational programs, counseling groups, and HIV/AIDS clinics. Clarkson University is working with FRO to help establish a community-based radio station. A group of Clarkson business students visited Uganda and the site for the proposed radio station in May.

Todd Moe spoke with Ricky Richard Anywar last week during his visit to Clarkson. He was on campus to speak to students and faculty about rebuilding war-ravaged northern Uganda.  Go to full article
Failure to provide adequate resources is neither prudent nor acceptable

Potsdam considers police force size

The Potsdam Village Board opened a public discussion on the size of the police force last night.

Two positions have remained unfilled since one sergeant resigned last year, and another was promoted to chief. That's prompted questions about how big a police force the village needs.  Go to full article
Clarkson's Colleen Murphy created her own animated Aesop's Fables.
Clarkson's Colleen Murphy created her own animated Aesop's Fables.

Digital arts and science merge in Clarkson senior show

Combining art and computer science isn't a new concept. But in the last few years, more universities around the country have taken digital arts more seriously. Todd Moe previews an exhibit in Potsdam this Friday that's the result of a curriculum that includes art, design, math and computer science.  Go to full article
Art on the blackboard welcomes visitors.
Art on the blackboard welcomes visitors.

Creating new art in old spaces

The St. Lawrence County Arts Council has run out of room at its storefront headquarters in downtown Potsdam. Faced with the challenge of offering more art classes and limited space, the Arts Council recently expanded to unused rooms in a building owned by Clarkson University. Executive Director Hilary Oak gave Todd Moe a tour of old Snell Hall this week. She says bringing new art to an old space is a step toward developing a multi-arts building in Potsdam that would serve all of the North Country. Oak says the former classrooms were "waiting to be used again."  Go to full article

State looks to invest in NC

State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli was at Clarkson University in Potsdam yesterday. It was the last of what he called his "roadshow" stops to promote New York's in-state private equity investment program. The program channels state retirement money to businesses in the state, or those who will come to New York. As Martha Foley report, Dinapoli said New York has done a good job at developing intellectual capital but the money isn't always there.  Go to full article

Hospital expansion plan forces debate over change in Potsdam

From Washington to Albany, the future of America's health care system is on the table. New York State has already closed and consolidated several hospitals in a planned restructuring that won't wrap up until at least 2011. In Potsdam, though, the hospital is hoping to expand. But not everyone's cheering. The Canton-Potsdam Hospital is in a residential area - with Potsdam High School across one street, and single family homes on other sides. Neighbors are worried about big new medical buildings and more traffic. As Jonathan Brown reports, the expansion has sparked debate over change and how to make it work for the hospital, its neighbors and the future of the village.  Go to full article
Holi, 1984.  Rajiv Narula and friends celebrate near his childhood home.
Holi, 1984. Rajiv Narula and friends celebrate near his childhood home.

Celebrating Holi, even in ice and snow

This week marks the culmination of spring festivities in India. The last major festival before the end of the lunar year is called Holi, or the Festival of Colors. It's celebrated by music, bonfires, feasts and people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other. In India, flowers are blooming, winter crops have been harvested, houses are cleaned and it's a cause for celebration. Even in the North Country, some celebrate the festival of colors, love and hope.  Go to full article

Big hockey weekend ahead

It's a big weekend for college hockey. The women's National Championships - the Frozen Four - hits the ice in Lake Placid. And the men of the Eastern Conference play six, sudden-death games in Albany to determine League Champion. St Lawrence University teams are in both finals. The Clarkson University men's team will also be going to the capital. On Friday, we'll look at the women's Frozen Four. Today, we'll get a preview of the men's League Championship games. Jonathan Brown asked St Lawrence color commentator Wally Johnson about his team.  Go to full article

Hockey ECAC finals could draw big crowds

The prospect of a Clarkson/St Lawrence final is a big draw for fans, according to League Commissioner Steve Hagwell.  Go to full article

Clarkson?s CSEA approves contract

Members of the Civil Service Employees Union at Clarkson University approved a new contract yesterday. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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