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News stories tagged with "clean-air"

Getting people to stop burning trash

State environment officials say a revised ban on open burning will be made public "in the very near future." Department of Environmental Conservation spokeswoman Laurie Severino says the first draft of the ban received thousands of public comments. She says "pretty significant changes" have been made in the new version. The burn ban targets the widespread rural practice of burning garbage outside, especially in backyard burn barrels. The low temperature burn of a burn barrel releases toxic pollution and an acrid smell. Some rural communities are already trying to change their trash disposal habits. Todd Melby reports.  Go to full article

EPA Sources Say Mercury Rule Excluded Key Research

A report published this week in the Washington Post suggests that the Environmental Protection Agency may have excluded internal research when developing a controversial new mercury rule. According to the newspaper, a Harvard study suggested that tougher mercury control standards might have been cost-effective.  Go to full article

Burn Barrel Ban Stuck in Senate

The legislature in Albany is taking up its last issues of the session, which could end next week. A bill restricting "burn barrels" and other kinds of garbage burning has passed the Assembly the past two years. But it continues to languish in the Senate. There's little dispute burn barrels pose a health and environmental hazard. But the issue still draws strong passions. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Bush Administration Relaxes Clean Air Act Rules: Raises Acid Rain Fears

New York's Attorney General says he'll sue to block a Whitehouse plan that could mean more acid rain for the Adirondacks. New rules announced Thursday would ease rules for coal burning big power plants in the Midwest. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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