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News stories tagged with "climate-change"

Arctic summer of fire and ice

The Arctic is melting this summer. But, that melting is not as severe as it could be. Lester Graham reports a haze filters out some of the sun's rays.  Go to full article

Great Lakes compact goes to Washington

The movement to essentially ban water diversions from the Great Lakes moved on to Washington this week. It took years for all eight Great Lakes states to pass the Great Lakes compact. Michigan was the last legislature to ratify it earlier this month. Now Congress needs to act for the compact to become law. Minnesota Democrat James Oberstar, who chairs an influential committee, has promised quick passage in the House. New York Senator Hillary Clinton helped introduce the measure in her chamber on Wednesday. To assess the political landscape awaiting the compact on Capitol Hill, David Sommerstein spoke with journalist Peter Annin. He wrote The Great Lakes Water Wars about the compact. He says it remains a mystery how lawmakers from other parts of the country will react.  Go to full article

Tupper Lake conference aims to redefine US climate change debate

This week in Tupper Lake, more than two hundred scientists, activists, policy analysts and corporate executives are trying to hammer out a new action plan for climate change. The conference at the Wild Center lacks some of the political heft of earlier meetings in Europe and Asia. But organizers hope that the closed-door session will allow more creative and ambitious thinking. As Brian Mann reports, the goal is to develop an action plan for the U.S. that will help head off the worst impacts of global warming.  Go to full article

Tupper Lake climate conference aims to push global warming debate

Scientists and policy-makers from around the world are gathering this morning in Tupper Lake. The "American Response to Climate Change Conference," held at the Wild Center, aims to develop an action plan for global warming. Brian Mann spoke with conference director Kate Fish. She says participants hope to translate scientific knowledge into action.

NOTE: This week's gathering is closed to the public. The Wild Center will reopen on Friday.  Go to full article

Communities invest in wind coops

Last week, the Spanish utility, Iberdrola, announced it wanted to invest $2 billion in wind power development in New York. Governor Patterson praised the company, saying the move would be an "unprecedented investment in clean energy" in the state. Big corporations are no strangers to New York wind power. Iberdrola is already part-owner of the massive Maple Ridge wind farm on the Tug Hill Plateau. JP Morgan owns the new wind farms in Clinton County. And BP Global wants to erect turbines in Cape Vincent. Many of the debates over wind farms in the North Country center around whether these companies give back as much as they reap in profits. A smaller company based in Minnesota is rolling out a different model on the High Plains of the Midwest. National Wind is developing 700 megawatts of wind power by inviting the host communities to become co-owners. CEO Leon Steinberg told David Sommerstein traditionally wind developers buy leases from landowners to erect turbines on their property. National Wind takes a different approach.  Go to full article

Report tracks effects of climate change

Supporters of an ambitious bill to reduce risks of global warming say they don't have the votes to pass it in the US Senate today. The bill would require dramatic cuts in greenhouse gases, and nudge the nation's energy priorities away from fossil fuels. Even if it passes, President Bush says he'll veto it. Meanwhile, a new government report says climate change is already affecting crops, forests, water and wildlife. Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article
Karen Roy co-author, <i>Acid Rain in the Adirondacks</i>
Karen Roy co-author, Acid Rain in the Adirondacks

National climate change debate builds on Adirondack fight against acid rain

This week, the US Senate will debate a landmark bill that aims to sharply cut the nation's greenhouse gas pollution. The climate change measure is modeled closely after a policy that was first used to curb acid rain in the Adirondacks. The so-called "cap and trade" system would set new limits on carbon pollution. But it would also leave industry to decide how to reach the goals. As Brian Mann reports, the measure puts the Adirondacks back at the center of the national environmental debate.  Go to full article
Photo courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service
Photo courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

Open water in the arctic

Polar bear researchers off Alaska's northern coast found striking differences in sea ice conditions recently. Lori Townsend reports.  Go to full article
Kassandra Barton of The 8 O'Clock Ranch is just as comfortable online as at the farmers' market.
Kassandra Barton of The 8 O'Clock Ranch is just as comfortable online as at the farmers' market.

Local Flavor: local meat in town and online

When it comes to healthy, environmentally-friendly eating, "local" has become the new "organic." More and more people want to know what's in their food, who produced it, and how far it traveled to get to the dinner table. Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, are a growing way to bring consumers and farmers closer. Think of a CSA as a subscription service for food. A farm in St. Lawrence County is just as comfortable marketing its CSA on the Internet as at the local farmers' market. As David Sommerstein reports, The 8 O'Clock Ranch is challenging what it means to "eat local."  Go to full article

A framework for making energy choices

In any discussion of producing and consuming energy, it can be incredibly difficult to sort out all the variables. A scholar with the National Research Council says we need a framework to make sound energy choices. David Policansky spoke with David Sommerstein. He says in the face of climate change and dwindling oil supplies, we have to learn to make better decisions on how we use and produce energy.  Go to full article

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