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News stories tagged with "climate"

Sea ice melting faster than expected

A NASA study finds that Arctic ice is melting faster than expected. Mark Brush reports.  Go to full article
Polar bears on sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. Photo courtesy of Jessica K Robertson, USGS
Polar bears on sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. Photo courtesy of Jessica K Robertson, USGS

The polar bear?s future

Studies from NASA and many other U-S agencies report the Arctic ice is melting at a rapid rate. Scientists say it's the most visible and dramatic evidence of global warming. One of the symbols of climate change in the Arctic is the polar bear. Lester Graham talked with the senior polar bear scientist with the U-S Geological Survey, Steven Amstrup, about the future of the bear.  Go to full article
Rep. Scott Murphy at the Hot Biscuit Diner (Photo: Susan Waters)
Rep. Scott Murphy at the Hot Biscuit Diner (Photo: Susan Waters)

Rep. Murphy visit Ticonderoga and finds a debate over energy & climate change

Congressman Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls) traveled to Ticonderoga yesterday. His visit came on the heels of last week's House vote on historic climate-change legislation. Murphy, who took office less than two months ago, voted in favor of the bill. As Brian Mann reports, that decision was met with questions, criticism and praise.  Go to full article

Using inaccurate statistics against climate bill

The climate change bill heads to the Senate now. In all likelihood, so will some inaccurate statistics. Lester Graham reports some opponents of the climate change and energy bill are still using numbers they've been told are wrong.  Go to full article

Climate change bill draws crowds of lobbyists

The climate change bill under consideration is bringing crowds of lobbyists to Congressional halls and offices. A new report finds there are 880 different businesses, trade organizations, and special interest groups formally lobbying Congress. Lester Graham has more.  Go to full article

Cap-and-trade confusion

Congress is debating a cap-and-trade plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But a recent poll found most people don't know what cap-and-trade means. Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article
The Cycling for a Sustainable Future team.
The Cycling for a Sustainable Future team.

Cyclists take climate change message on the road

A quartet of cyclists has spent most of this month on the road, cycling from central Vermont to the North Country to raise awareness of climate change. The Cycling for a Sustainable Future Tour left Norwich,Vermont two weeks ago and will arrive in Canton tomorrow. They will have logged 350 miles on their bikes. The four cyclists will be guests at St. Lawrence University and the Sustainable Energy Fair this weekend. Jim Merkel is an author, volunteer and engineer who moved from the military industry to a simpler, more sustainable way of life in the Northeast. He spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article

Crowding out the earth? A conversation about population and climate change

It's Earth Day. All over the world, millions of people will be celebrating and speaking out about the critical environmental challenges. Slowing climate change tops contemporary lists. But researchers at SUNY's College of Environmental Science and Forestry say people are a rapidly growing part of the problem. In a statement issued this week, SUNY researchers argued that population control has to be a part of any long-term fix to the global warming. Brian Mann has more.  Go to full article

Preview: "On the Wild Side" in Saranac Lake

Last week, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced cutbacks, layoffs and program restructuring. Its Adirondack group was spared job cuts, but will narrow its focus. The organization studies wildlife, climate and Adirondack Park management. On Sunday, the public is invited to its "On the Wild Side" program at the Trudeau Laboratory in Saranac Lake. It's an open house, of sorts, and a chance to chat with local WCS staff. Todd Moe talks with Zo Smith, director of the Wildlife Conversation Society's Adirondack Program, for an update on the group's work in the region.  Go to full article

A backyard view of climate change

Ecologist Amy Seidl writes about climate change and life in a small town in Vermont in her new book, Early Spring: An Ecologist and her Children Wake to a Warming World. It looks at climate change through family walks in the woods and the garden. Todd Moe spoke with Amy Seidl about the book and signs of climate change in her backyard. She'll sign copies of her book tonight at 7 at Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, VT.  Go to full article

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