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Governor Andrew Cuomo paddles a stretch of the Indian River, just upstream from the confluence with the Hudson River. Photo: NYS Governor's office via Flickr
Governor Andrew Cuomo paddles a stretch of the Indian River, just upstream from the confluence with the Hudson River. Photo: NYS Governor's office via Flickr

Cuomo looks to shore up support upstate

Governor Cuomo's name is frequently mentioned as a possible Presidential contender in 2016, that's if former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn't run. But the governor first has to think about an earlier date, 2014, his reelection race, and how to shore up his support upstate, where he's been flagging in the polls.

During the past several weeks, Governor Cuomo has spent much of his time in upstate and northern New York.  Go to full article
They don't want to leave - it's their community.

Flood recovery work continues in hard hit towns in the Adirondacks

North Country Congressman Bill Owens says he's amazed at the resiliency of flood victims who say their property devastated by Tropical Storm Irene. The Democrat from New York's 23rd Congressional District stopped in the Town of Jay this week to hear from local officials about ongoing infrastructure issues and view firsthand some of the problems the community still faces.  Go to full article
Confidence in this state (from) outside has just exploded.

Clinton full of praise for Cuomo, NY

Former President Bill Clinton said confidence in New York has "exploded" as he delivered a pep-talk keynote speech to an economic development conference in Albany today.

The former president was brought to Albany by his former protege, now Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to discuss economic strategies with Cuomo's new regional economic development councils.  Go to full article

Gillibrand takes Senate oath

Kirsten Gillibrand was sworn in yesterday as New York's junior Senator. Governor Paterson appointed the second-term congresswoman to the Senate seat last Friday. She was named to the post after Caroline Kennedy withdrew from contention because of personal reasons. She was sworn in at the U.S. Capitol by Vice President Joe Biden. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Kirsten Gillibrand tapped by Governor Paterson for NY Senate Seat

An aide to Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand has confirmed to North Country Public Radio that she will be the next junior Senator from New York. Gillibrand was offered the post early this morning and will accept at a noon ceremony today in Albany. The New York Times and the Associated Press are both reporting that the Governor's choice was made just after 2 am on Friday. Gillibrand's rise marks the next chapter in a remarkable political journey that began in November 2006 with her upset victory over Rep. John Sweeney. Gillibrand won re-election handily last year, despite stiff opposition from North Country Republican Sandy Treadwell.

Gillibrand outlasted the other likely candidates for the Senate seat, primarily Caroline Kennedy. Kennnedy's campaign imploded following a series of missteps and confused statements about her reasons for wanting the job. She formally withdrew from the process this week.

Gillibrand is a moderate who opposes same-sex marriage and gun control. Long Island Democrat, Carolyn McCarthy, says she'll challenge Gillibrand in the primary next year. Gillibrand will be officially named today at noon at an event in Albany. She will likely face stiff opposition in a special election in 2010 and again in 2012. Possible Republican opponents include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Governor George Pataki. But Gillibrand has proved herself to be a ferocious campaigner and fundraiser.

Governor Paterson's pick sets off a round of political musical chairs across the North Country. State Senator Betty Little, a Republican, is expected to make a bid for Gillibrand's seat. Should she win, that would trigger another contest for her state Senate seat. Other likely candidates for Gillibrand's seat include Sandy Treadwell, from Essex County, who ran in 2008.

Martha Foley and Brian Mann sort through fact from fiction.  Go to full article

Kennedy out of Senate contention?now what?

Hillary Rodham Clinton starts her new job as secretary of state today with a mandate from President Barack Obama to step up diplomatic efforts and restore the nation's tattered image abroad. This morning she'll be joined by Obama at the State Department where they'll address department employees together. Clinton was confirmed by the Senate on a 94-to-2 vote yesterday. After her swearing-in she sent a letter to Gov. David Paterson, informing him that she was resigning her seat in the U.S. Senate.

Meanwhile, back here in New York, the field of potential candidates for her seat shifted dramatically. With one brief statement, Caroline Kennedy withdrew her name. Shortly after midnight she released a one-sentence statement that said she was dropping out of contention for "personal reasons." The reports were a shock to supporters and to Paterson, who had appeared likely to appoint her to the seat. Brian Mann joined Martha Foley to consider the alternatives, and how Clinton redefined what it takes to be a senator for all of New York.  Go to full article

Paterson says Clinton announcement days away

It's another big week for politics, with President-elect Barack Obama taking the oath of office tomorrow in Washington DC. Here in New York, Governor David Paterson is also expected to name a new US Senator to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton. Martha Foley and Brian Mann update the politics.  Go to full article

Clinton says farewell to Senate

The Senate's Foreign Relations Committee recommended Hillary Clinton for U.S. Secretary of State yesterday. The vote was 16 to 1. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Paterson won?t rush senate pick

Governor David Paterson says he doesn't feel "rushed" about making his choice to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. But he says gossip surrounding his possible pick has reached a new low. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Cuomo noncommittal on vying for Clinton?s Senate seat

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is considered a front runner for replacing Hillary Clinton in the Senate, refused to say whether he's talked with Governor Paterson about the matter. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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