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News stories tagged with "cloning"

Dandelions. Photo: <a href="">Ard Meerveld</a>, CC <A href="">some rights reserved</a>
Dandelions. Photo: Ard Meerveld, CC some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Dandelions

Martha Foley mows her lawn just before the dandelions go to seed, hoping to keep their numbers down, but there's another whole crop right behind--why? Dr. Curt Stager dug into the story and found the answer in the sex life--or lack thereof--of dandelions.  Go to full article
David Barlow & Robert LaVelle play a father and son in "A Number"
David Barlow & Robert LaVelle play a father and son in "A Number"

Preview: A Number in Glens Falls

The Adirondack Theatre Festival's production of A Number opens tonight (8 pm) at the Charles Wood Theatre in Glens Falls. Todd Moe talks with actor Robert Lavelle, who plays the father in the show, and ATF producing director David Turner. Lavelle says the play is about about a son who confronts his father with the fact that he has genetically identical counterparts and is merely one of "a number".  Go to full article

Benefits and Risks of Cloned Cows

Milk production is big business in New York and the upper Midwest. Now the president of a biotech company in Wisconsin is milking a herd of cloned cows that he says could give the Great Lakes dairy industry a boost. But there are still questions about the health of cloned cows and whether the milk they produce is safe for human consumption. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Gil Halsted has the story.  Go to full article

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