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Photo: Institute for Sustainable Communication
Photo: Institute for Sustainable Communication

A new media question: paper, or digital?

We make personal choices everyday that affect the environment. At the grocery store: paper, or plastic? Going out the front door: car, or bicycle? Pay bills by check, or online? And, at the office: print it, or save to the hard drive?

As Martha Foley discovers, those last two, the paper or digital choice, is just as complicated as all the rest.  Go to full article

"Clean coal" technology test underway

"Clean coal" got a mention in President Obama's State of the Union address this week. Along with nuclear power and alternative energy sources, the President listed clean coal as an important sources for energy for the country.

He also promised to move forward on climate change reductions. And here, America is in a bind. Almost half of our electricity comes from coal. But compared to other power sources, coal produces the most carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Industry is testing new technology in hopes of fulfilling the promise of "clean coal." Shawn Allee has this update on a test project that has some hard work left to do.  Go to full article

Coal, pt.3: The costs of carbon capture

Coal has a reputation as a sooty, dirty fuel. More recently, environmentalists and the coal industry alike have become just as worried about the carbon dioxide released when coal is burned. In the third part of our series on the future of coal, Matt Sepic of the Environment Report has this look at the science behind so-called "clean coal".  Go to full article

Coal, pt.2: Dirty past, hazy future

The coal industry got hit with expensive pollution restrictions almost two decades ago. Now, the government's considering putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. Coal companies think they have a technological solution in a test project called FutureGen. In the second part of our series on the future of coal, The Environment Report's Shawn Allee looks at why they have such high hopes for it.  Go to full article

Coal, pt.1: Dirty past, hazy future

If you've watch TV, you probably know are being targeted by lobbyists. The coal industry and environmentalists are both trying to influence what you think. To help sort out the assertions, we begin a five-part series on the future of coal today, from The Environment Report. In part one, Lester Graham looks at the campaigns for-and-against coal.  Go to full article

Dirt on the Coal Supply

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama are trying to sell us on a clean energy future. And they've got a laundry list of ideas, including conservation, solar and wind power, and safer nuclear energy. But they both want to tweak an old reliable fuel, too. That would be American coal. Shawn Allee looks at why McCain and Obama are gung-ho on coal.  Go to full article

Investors wary of diesel from coal

The price of gasoline and diesel fuel from foreign oil is making people think about other ways to fill up. Lester Graham reports the coal industry is pushing the idea of making diesel out of coal from the U-S.  Go to full article

Capturing CO2 From Coal Plants

There's growing agreement now in the scientific community about global warming and how human activity is believed to be changing the climate. A lot of the blame is laid to pollution from coal-burning plants that produce electricity - and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That's fueling interest in alternative sources of electricity - renewables like wind, solar and hydro. Now, the U-S wants to build a coal plant that would capture and store the C0-2... if it can find the right site.
The GLRC's Julie Grant reports:  Go to full article

NY Power Plants Make List of Worst Northeast Polluters

Environmental groups say six of the top ten dirtiest power plants in the Northeast are located in New York State. They are urging Governors of Northeastern states, who are working on a pollution reduction pact, to come up with strict new rules to curb emissions. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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