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[This] is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare and is going to have limits on trade. It's really going to adversely affect our district.

Owens moves to roll back customs fee for some travellers from Canada

A new free-trade agreement with Colombia includes a tax on Canadians visiting the U.S. by air or sea...and one North Country lawmaker has already set out to repeal the fee.

US Congressman Bill Owens, said Monday the recently-signed United States Colombian Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act...includes a $5.50 customs inspection fee for Canadians entering the U.S. by plane or boat.

Owens is in the early stages of introducing legislation to roll back the Canadian fees. He visited Ottawa last week and discussed the potential impacts of the tax with Canadian policymakers.  Go to full article
"Space Ant" farm experiment sent on <i>Columbia</i>. Photo: Spacehab
"Space Ant" farm experiment sent on Columbia. Photo: Spacehab

Syracuse High School Mourns "Astronaut Colleagues"

Fowler High School in Syracuse, New York, will observe a moment of silence today. Students at the school had a special relationship with the Columbia and her crew. The students helped design an experiment that sent live harvester ants into orbit. As North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports, the kids say the project helped revitalize their school.  Go to full article

Plattsburgh Native Michael Anderson Killed Aboard Columbia

Lt. Colonel Michael Anderson, one of seven astronauts killed Saturday, was born in Plattsburgh. In 1994, he was a pilot instructor at Plattsburgh Air Force Base when NASA chose him for the astronaut corps. A few years later, he spoke about his first trip into orbit.  Go to full article

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