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Margaret Roach
Margaret Roach

From the big city to a dirt road--and loving it!

Margaret Roach, former editorial director of Martha Stewart Living turned blogger, has done what some urbanites only dream about - traded a busy career for life in the country. Roach left New York City and the magazine design world a few years ago for a quieter life filled with two lifelong passions: gardening and writing. She'll give a talk at St. Eustace Church in Lake Placid on Saturday (2-4 pm), titled "Nonstop Plants: a Garden for 365 Days." The event is a fundraiser for the Lake Placid Community Beautification. You'll find tickets at The Bookstore Plus. She also sign copies of her latest book, And I Shall Have Some Peace There.

For more than twenty years Margaret Roach has been working on the gardens at her place in Columbia County, near the Berkshires. She spoke with Todd Moe about gardening and finding solitude.  Go to full article

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