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Commentary: On seasonality

It's common practice to think of people in the North Country, more particularly in the Adirondacks, as either seasonals or year-round residents. Commentator Paul Willcott finds this distinction simplistic and problematic.  Go to full article

Commentary: all that stuff on eBay

In his continuous search for extra cash, commentator Tom French has recently taken to selling things on eBay.  Go to full article

Commentary: Just Being Present

Like many people of a certain age, commentator Paul Willcott is caring for an aged parent in the last stages of a long life. It's a difficult, rewarding and complex undertaking. And he finds sometimes less is more.  Go to full article

Commentary: Ellen Rocco

The U.S. Senate again voted down the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage -- but the margin is narrowing. NCPR station manager Ellen Rocco shares her thoughts on how our times define our prejudices, and who holds them.  Go to full article

Commentary: Paul Hetzler on election-year tax cuts

President Bush is hoping for an election-year boost from a $70-billion tax cut package he signed yesterday. The measure extends a pair of tax breaks - one benefiting investors, the other upper-middle-income families. Democrats contend the tax breaks are another gift to the rich that only plunges the nation deeper in debt. President Bush's approval ratings are the lowest of his presidency, and congressional re-election campaigns are getting underway. The tax cuts are seen as one way the president can galvanize his and the GOP's core supporters. Commentator Paul Hetzler wonders how a significant chunk of that political base can go along.  Go to full article
Pat McKeown with her Mom, Ruth Lucas, age 95, and granddaughter, Phoebe Rose McKeown
Pat McKeown with her Mom, Ruth Lucas, age 95, and granddaughter, Phoebe Rose McKeown

Remembering Beethoven

The lives of mothers and daughters don't follow neat scripts, and looking back it can be hard to remember the very words, or each turn of plot. But a great soundtrack helps to sustain both the tension, and the release. Our commentator Pat McKeown is a former newspaper editor, news director at NCPR, and North Country representative for Gov. Mario Cuomo. She is currently completing her career back in education where she began over 40 years ago.  Go to full article

Commentary: Hokkaido and Home

Betsy Kepes and her family have spent most of the last year away from home. Fire-spotting out West, trekking through New Zealand. They ended up in northern Japan - closer to home that what the map showed.  Go to full article

Commentary: Friends, Imagined and Real

Watertown commentator Mary Kaskan tells us about life and friends - real and imagined.  Go to full article

A Christian Voice On Same-sex Marriage

A poll released last week found that the public backlash over gay marriage has receded. In 2003, a controversial Massachusetts court decision to legalize same sex marriages stirred strong opposition. But the numbers out last week showed public opinion has softened. The poll by the Pew Research Center and the Associated Press found gay marriage remains a divisive issue, with 51 percent against. But almost two-thirds were opposed in February 2004. Strong opposition has dropped sharply, too, particularly among senior citizens and Republicans. On March 21, the New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly against a proposed amendment to the state constitution to ban marriage between same-sex couples. Much of the opposition to gay marriage comes from conservative Christians. Commentator Paul Hetzler sees the issue through a Christian lens as well, but with a different perspective.  Go to full article

Commentary: Thoughts on the Death Penalty

Two recent executions in California drew attention from around the world. Former gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death despite continued pleas from supporters that he had reformed and become a powerful voice against the violence he once practiced. Nearly blind and deaf Clarence Ray Allen was the oldest man ever executed in California. He was 76. His lawyers maintained that putting a sick old man to death constituted cruel and unusual punishment. But it wasn't these arguments that pushed Paul Hetzler to send us this commentary.  Go to full article

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