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Common Wealth, Common Wisdom, pt.3: looking the Great Depression in the mirror

Each Monday this month, we're featuring new features from our Common Wealth, Common Wisdom project. North Country teens paired with senior citizens to explore the concept of entrepreneurship during the Great Depression, and today's Great Recession. When Chelsea Ross went across the street to interview her 90-year-old neighbor, Bill Cullen, she expected to hear some stories about working hard as a kid in the Great Depression era. She expected to get a 'how to' guide for surviving today's recession. What she got instead was different. What she got was a weird mirror on her life from 70 years before.  Go to full article
Bill Cullen and his Steerman bi-plane. See more at
Bill Cullen and his Steerman bi-plane. See more at

Common Wealth, Common Wisdom: memories of World War Two

This summer we invited four North Country teenagers to be multimedia interns at NCPR. They're producing stories and curating a blog about entrepreneurship in hard times and about the stories of elders who lived through the Great Depression. Last week, 90-year-old Bill Cullen sat down with two of our interns, Chelsea Ross and Jennifer Sibert. In his hand was an envelope of old black and white photographs, from his days in the East Indies during World War II. He showed them each photograph, and he told them stories.  Go to full article

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