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Lecturer Jennifer MacGregor speaks with her students after they turn on their phones for the first time in twelve days. Photo: Zach Hirsch
Lecturer Jennifer MacGregor speaks with her students after they turn on their phones for the first time in twelve days. Photo: Zach Hirsch

St. Lawrence students unplug for academic credit

It can be scary when you can't get hold of someone. Most people these days are always reachable in some way, whether it's by cell phone, text, email, or Facebook.

Today's college students are part of the first generation to have grown up with social media, and St. Lawrence University lecturer Jennifer MacGregor is interested in how that's impacted their psychological development.

So MacGregor conducted an experiment: as part of her course "Identity in the Internet Age" she recently had her students "unplug" from the internet and social media for 12 days.  Go to full article

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

Sorry, but the story you've requested isn't available right now.

Why 315-ers won't have to change area codes, yet

The state is once again shelving a plan to split up the 315 area code. New York's Public Service Commission announced yesterday a revised forecast finds there will be enough phone numbers to last until the second half of 2016. An earlier forecast put the date at the beginning of 2015.  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">smilla4</a>, Creative COmmons, some rights reserved
Photo: smilla4, Creative COmmons, some rights reserved

Verizon may hang up on some land line service

The State Public Service Commission is extending a public comment period on whether it's a good idea for Verizon to stop providing land line service to some customers and supply a wireless telephone connection instead.  Go to full article
Even the state police, their communication level in the North Country is not where it is in the rest of the state.

Cell and broadband service still lag behind in North Country, Sen. Little says

State Senator Betty Little sounded a familiar note Tuesday when she called for big gaps in cell phone and internet service in the North Country to be closed--for safety's sake and for the economy.  Go to full article
John Larsen demonstrates Morse code at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum in Ontario.
John Larsen demonstrates Morse code at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum in Ontario.

Morse code in the age of IM

There's a certain allure to being fluent in languages or codes. John Larsen is a retired health administrator with fond memories of working as a telegrapher with Canadian Pacific Railway.These days he spends a lot of time demonstrating that increasingly rare skill with the Cumberland Telegraph Operator's Club. Most of the 58 members from Canada and the U.S. have some connection with real - or model - railroads. Morse code is still used by uncounted enthusiasts, such as HAM radio operators. But requirements for proficiency in Morse code are falling by the wayside. Larsen spoke with Lucy Martin about the significance Morse code once held - before the advent of telephones, radio or the Internet.  Go to full article
Ottawa Town Crier Daniel Richer at work.
Ottawa Town Crier Daniel Richer at work.

Crier shouts out the news

Back when paper was scarce, and electronic communication had yet to be dreamed of, one way to spread important news was to just shout it out. There aren't many full-time town criers left, but Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin found one--in Ottawa. Champion crier Daniel Richer has broadened the job to include story telling, acting as an MC, and even the occasional marriage proposal.  Go to full article

APA considers Northway cell towers

Applications to build three cell towers along the Adirondack Northway corridor have been deemed complete by the Adirondack Park Agency. One of the proposals slated to come before the APA board in two weeks. But a separate plan to provide cell coverage along the Northway appears to be stalled. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Forum focuses on Adirondack cell phone coverage

Cell service providers, local and state elected officials and representatives of the Adirondack Park Agency came together Wednesday to take what was described the first step towards improving cell phone coverage in the Adirondacks. The event, which drew more than 125 people to the Harrietstown Town Hall, was organized by State Senator Betty Little. It comes after a series of accidents on the Adirondack Northway that have turned into a rallying point for improved cell coverage. As Chris Knight reports, most people felt the meeting was productive.  Go to full article

Little wants temporary cell towers on I-87

State senator Betty Little has sent a letter to Governor Spitzer urging him to suspend environmental rules that restrict cell phone towers along the Northway. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

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