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News stories tagged with "congress"

Democrat for Congress Kicks Off Campaign

The long-shot Democratic candidate for John McHugh's seat in Congress officially kicked off his campaign from the steps of the courthouse in Lowville yesterday. As David Sommerstein reports, Watertown-based surgeon Robert Johnson is running primarily as a health care reformer.  Go to full article

Senate Vote Increases Childcare Spending

The US Senate has approved an amendment that would increase childcare funding nationwide by $6 billion over the next five years. That means $438 million extra for New York and an additional $10 million for daycare programs in the North Country. Senator Hillary Clinton co-sponsored the bill which she calls a victory for New York's families dealing with the huge costs of childcare.  Go to full article

House Approves Energy Bill

The House has approved and sent to the Senate an energy bill that contains $23 billion worth of energy-related tax breaks. The bill faces a tough fight in the Senate, where some Democrats are threatening to filibuster because of a provision that protects the makers of a gasoline additive from lawsuits. North Country Congressman John McHugh lauded the bill's increased funding to promote energy efficiency in the North Country.  Go to full article

Adk Council Urges Congress to Approve Anti-Acid Rain Bill

An Adirondack based environmental group is urging Congress to act to curb pollution emissions that lead to acid rain, before this year's session comes to a close. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

McHugh: Adk Council's Call to Action "Realistic"

Though he doesn't support the President's "clear skies" plan, Congressman John McHugh called the Adirondack Council's call for action yesterday "realistic".  Go to full article

New Invasives Bill Calls for Cooperation

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that they hope will reinvigorate the fight against aquatic invasive species. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mark Brush reports.  Go to full article

Public's Access to Congressional Redistricting Maps Limited

Public access to new Congressional redistricting maps was limited during the final days of negotiations on the new lines approved by the state legislature on June 5th. The information on the new lines was so scarce that even legislators were not allowed to see the maps until after they voted on them. From Albany, Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

State Lawmakers Agree on Congressional Redistricting

Legislative leaders have announced agreement on a Congressional redistricting plan that's designed to get rid of one Congressional representative from each major party. Both Republicans and Democrats say the final plan improves their party's chances overall of keeping incumbents in their seats after November. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

McHugh's District Largely Untouched

The Legislature's new redistricting plan for Congress reduces the state's number of representatives in the House from 31 to 29 and it targets two incumbents for elimination. But it leaves North Country Congressman John McHugh's district largely intact. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Redistricting Procrastination

The New York State Assembly and Senate have decided to put off the start of campaign petitioning for another two weeks, until June 18th, while they continue to squabble over how to draw new congressional district lines. The latest redistricting plan sacrifices Republican Ben Gilman of the lower Hudson Valley and Democrat Louise Slaughter of Rochester. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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