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Gillibrand & Treadwell debate the debates

Less than two months before the November election, the Gillibrand and Treadwell campaigns are feuding over the timing and format of this fall's debates. New York's 20th congressional district is one of the most closely watched House races in the country. Brian Mann has an update.  Go to full article
Sandy Treadwell (Source:  Treadwell campaign)
Sandy Treadwell (Source: Treadwell campaign)

Treadwell pro-choice, praises staunchly pro-life GOP ticket

Republican candidate Sandy Treadwell, from Essex County, is running for the 20th congressional district. He hopes to unseat Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Treadwell traveled to the Twin Cities for the Republican National Convention. He checked in with Brian Mann yesterday, at a time when the convention floor was still buzzing about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Go to full article

Republican Treadwell wants 10 debates with Dem Gillibrand

The candidates in the 20th congressional district say they'll hold at least one debate this fall. But Republican Sandy Treadwell says he hopes to face Democratic congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand at least 10 times before the November election. Treadwell says a debate should be held in each of district's 10 counties, which stretch from the Hudson River valley north to the outskirts of Saranac Lake. He issued his challenge on the day Gillibrand was speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Brian Mann has more.  Go to full article

McHugh on Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell

North Country Republican Congressman John McHugh says he won't take sides on the issue of gays serving openly in the military. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Summer campaign season kicks into gear

The July Fourth holiday traditionally marks the start of the run-up to the big major party conventions and the real presidential campaign. But doesn't it seem like there's been politics and campaign news just forever this year? Partly it's been primary races that wound down through John Edwards and Mitt Romney, and then the prolonged duel of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And New York has made its own share of political headlines: the disgrace of former Governor Spitzer, a bitter special election to fill a North Country senate seat, the recent resignation of longtime Republican leader Joseph Bruno and the extra pressure that puts on the GOP to maintain its Senate majority. Martha Foley, David Sommerstein and Brian Mann sort through some of the state and regional highlights starting with the GOP's struggles in New York.  Go to full article

Great Lakes call for help

The Great Lakes might be the most ignored resource on the continent. Great Lakes advocates say they have not been able to get enough attention or money from Congress. Rebecca Williams reports one group is outlining what needs to be done to fix the Lakes before climate change makes things worse.  Go to full article

Gillibrand takes national stage

North Country congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand took a national stage over the weekend, delivering the Democratic Party's national address. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Rep. John McHugh
Rep. John McHugh

McHugh: health care a big, expensive problem

Congressman John McHugh said yesterday he's well aware of the pressures on the North Country rural health care system. He agrees that reimbursement rates are part of the problem, and says he and others in Congress are now fighting an additional 10% cut in the president's budget. McHugh said he's also working to correct what he called "reimbursement anomalies"-- lower rates in Medicare and Medicaid that hurt rural North Country hospitals--with Democrat Charles Rangel. Rangel represents upper Manhattan and chairs the House Ways and Means Committee. McHugh said when government rates are low, "everybody stays low." New York is among several states hoping to make health care accessible to more children by extending the S-chip program. It provides health insurance to children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to buy private insurance. Congress and the Bush Administration are fighting over S-chip eligibility limits. A bi-partisan coalition including McHugh passed legislation to expand eligibility to nearly 4 million more children. The president issued a rare veto earlier this month. Congress will try to overturn the president's veto next week. McHugh told Martha Foley he's voting to override.  Go to full article
Rep. Michael Arcuri
Rep. Michael Arcuri

Arcuri opposes Bush's Iraq plan

Another North Country Congressman, Democrat Michael Arcuri, voiced his support for the non-binding resolution that praises U.S. troops but rebukes President Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
John McHugh on a recent Iraq trip (File photo)
John McHugh on a recent Iraq trip (File photo)

McHugh leads opposition to Dem Iraq resolution

Yesterday, the House of Representative began three days of debate over the war in Iraq. Democratic leaders introduced a non-binding resolution that expresses support for American troops. But the statement also condemns President Bush's plan send another 20,000 combat soldiers to fight in Bagdad and Anbar province. North Country Congressman John McHugh is a Republican and a member of the Armed Services Committee. Speaking on the House floor last night, McHugh attacked the Democratic resolution and helped to lead the Republican opposition. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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