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Robert Schulz has organized marches and rallies across the US. Photo: <a href="">We The People's web site</a>
Robert Schulz has organized marches and rallies across the US. Photo: We The People's web site

Bob Schulz: dangerous radical or voice for liberty?

Next week, Governor Andrew Cuomo's tough new control law will face its first court challenge. The case was brought by Bob Schulz, a long-time conservative activist who lives on the shore of Lake George.

This is only the latest court battle for Schulz, who has made a career as a political gadfly and organizer, battling what he views as government agencies run amok.

His campaign has won Schulz accolades from conservative leaders and media outlets across the country, but also fierce criticism from groups that say he flirts with dangerous radicalism.  Go to full article
Cuomo: Last year they wrote Id made a right turn, this year they wrote Id made a left turn. I think Ive been going straight all along.

Cuomo denies he's tacking left

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State message was widely perceived as a signal of a leftward turn, with a priority list that include gun control, abortion rights, and raising the minimum wage.

But the governor says his ideology hasn't changed a bit.  Go to full article
Janet Duprey talking with her Plattsburgh district office administrative assistant Cathy Kourofsky and her husband Brian at the Duprey campaign headquarters in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz
Janet Duprey talking with her Plattsburgh district office administrative assistant Cathy Kourofsky and her husband Brian at the Duprey campaign headquarters in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Duprey wins 115th Assembly seat

Republican Janet Duprey swept the 115th Assembly race last night, beating back Conservative challenger Karen Bisso and Democrat Tim Carpenter. She won 52 percent of the vote.

The incumbent Republican will return to Albany next year, representing Clinton, Franklin, and part of St. Lawrence counties. While last night's victory was decisive, the campaign wasn't easy.  Go to full article

Doheny draws Conservative Party nod

There are growing signs that Republican challenger Matt Doheny from Watertown will have a clear shot at challenging Democratic congressman Bill Owens.

Two years ago, Doheny struggled with third-party Conservative Doug Hoffman also in the race.

But St. Lawrence County Conservatives now say they are endorsing Doheny in this year's contest. Conservative chairman Hank Ford issued a statement yesterday calling Doheny "a true fiscal conservative."

In 2010, Plattsburgh's Bill Owens prevailed by just 2,000 votes, despite the fact that Republican and Conservative votes were divided.

The 23rd district race is expected to be one of the most competitive in the country.  Go to full article

Hoffman confirms that he'll stay in NY-23 race even if he loses GOP primary

Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman says he will continue his fight to win the 23rd district House seat, even if he loses the GOP primary later this month.

Hoffman will appear on the Conservative Party ballot line and says he's promised to continue campaigning against Republican Matt Doheny and Democrat Bill Owens.

As Brian Mann reports, the decision has infuriated many Republican leaders.

And it raises questions about the Republican Party's ability to take back a seat that had been a GOP stronghold since before the Civil War.  Go to full article
Conservative Douglas Hoffman from Lake Placid...
Conservative Douglas Hoffman from Lake Placid...

Doug Hoffman: From humble roots to right-wing darling

The race to replace John McHugh in Congress is down to its last two weeks. The high octane and even higher spending campaign is spewing attacks and accusations all over TV and radio as national politicos manage the candidates' every move. We're trying to break through the din with a series of candidate profiles. You can listen online to the profiles of Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzfava, which aired this week. Today, it's Conservative Douglas Hoffman's turn. Hoffman blew the race wide open with an aggressive challenge of Scozzafava's Republican credentials. He's building rock-star status among the country's most polarizing conservatives. He's shed the third party "spoiler" status and has picked up lots of ground in the polls. All this from a family-man accountant born of hardship in the Adirondacks. David Sommerstein has this profile.  Go to full article
Mark Barie (Source:  SUNY Plattsburgh)
Mark Barie (Source: SUNY Plattsburgh)

At North Country tea parties, sounding the alarm over big government

Through the summer, the conservative "tea party" movement gained momentum across the country. Activist groups protested against what they view as a bloated Federal government. They also sparked controversy with fierce rhetoric opposing the policies of President Barack Obama. Here in the North Country, Plattsburgh businessman Mark Barie has helped to organize a group called "UNYTEA". It stands for The Upstate New York Tea Party. He spoke about the project with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Poll shows a topsy-turvy race for 23rd CD

It's anybody's race and the third party candidate is for real. That's the news from a poll released yesterday of the 23rd district special election to replace John McHugh in Congress. Martha Foley and David Sommerstein took a close look.  Go to full article

Wanting more change on this Independence Day

On this first Independence Day of the Obama years, liberals may be feeling a sense of pride and triumph. A lot has changed since a year ago, and most of the changes are to their liking. But commentator Paul Willcott, a self-described "big government, tax-and-spend liberal" wants more: from the right, the left, and the in-between. Paul Willcott divides his time between new York City and Saranac lake.  Go to full article

Religious Leaders Blame Conservatives for Legislative Bottleneck

A group of religious leaders is calling on the New York State Senate to pass four bills that they say are being bottled up because right-wing conservatives don't like the legislation. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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