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Matt Doheny.
Matt Doheny.

Hoffman's withdrawal expected to boost GOP chances

In a press release announcing his withdrawal from the 23rd CD race yesterday, Doug Hoffman wrote, "I entered the 23rd Congressional District race for the good of our nation and to represent the common sense beliefs and values of the voters of upstate New York. Our nation is at a crossroads and it is imperative that on Election Day we wrest control of Congress from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat majority."

He strongly urged his supporters to "not vote for me and certainly not vote for the Democrat or Working Families Party candidate."

Hoffman offers a clear endorsement of Matt Doheny, the Republican in the contest. "Matt Doheny and I may have differed on some issues during the course of our primary race. Now, we must put those differences aside and do what is best for our nation. So today, I am asking all my supporters to cast their vote for Matt Doheny on Election Day, November 2nd."

Jude Seymour has followed this race, and last year's special election, as political reporter for the Watertown Daily Times.
He told David Sommerstein Hoffman's endorsement of Doheny is bound to be a plus for the Republican.  Go to full article

GOP Hopefuls Pitch For Conservative Support

The four announced Republican candidates for Governor jockeyed for position at a meeting of the state's Conservative Party. The party has been a deciding factor in getting Republicans elected to statewide office in races over the past three decades. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Canadians Vote For Change

Stephen Harper says Canada "has voted for change." Canadians have chosen to end 12 years of Liberal rule, and give a minority Conservative government led by Harper a chance. The prime minister in waiting said he'll govern for all Canadians, not just for those who voted Tory. Harper says his top priority is to clean up government by making it more accountable to taxpayers. Although Canadians have given power to the Conservatives, voters are keeping them on a short leash. Harper will lead a minority government with 124 seats. Liberals will have 103. The Bloc Quebecois got 51 seats, and the NDP won 29 -- 10 more than the last election. Martha Foley spoke with Dr. Robert Thacker, chairman of the Canadian Studies Department at St. Lawrence University, about the vote, and its likely consequences.  Go to full article

Pataki's Political Strategy

Governor Pataki has moved to the center politically in the seven years that he's been Governor. At the same time, he's trying to hold on to his original supporters, the Conservatives. Some think the strategy can be a winning formula in November. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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