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News stories tagged with "construction"

Old Forge Arts Center construction back on track

The Arts Center of Old Forge got some good news this month. A new building project, just across the road, had been on hold due to a lack of funds. But with a new USDA loan and grant that total $3-million, construction is expected to resume next month. Todd Moe spoke with Arts Center director Jennifer Potter Hayes. She's been on the job for about six weeks and says she hopes the new building will open this fall.  Go to full article

Recession proof construction

In the middle of a recession that's crippling the construction field, there's at least one sector of industry that's doing pretty well. That's "material reuse." Taking pieces of old buildings and using them in new ones. Advocates say used materials could save developers a heap of money. Samara Freemark has the story of one re-use company that's both green and in the black.  Go to full article
Bob Schwarzer with blast mats, each weighing up to a ton
Bob Schwarzer with blast mats, each weighing up to a ton

Potsdam will have a blast - several, actually

Construction has started in the village of Potsdam for a new $3.5 million hydro-electric generator on the Raquette River. Work crews will start dynamiting river rock later this morning. We get a kind of preview on today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Judge says Amish case can proceed

A small town on the St. Lawrence River is going forward with a legal case against eight Amish residents. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
WTC: still far to go from models to reality
WTC: still far to go from models to reality

Paterson promises honesty in World Trade Center rebuilding effort

Governor David Paterson, says the lack of progress at the site of the former World Trade Center Towers is "unacceptable" and that he intends to fix the problem. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Lake Placid Conference Center project on hold

The Olympic Regional Development Authority says bids for construction of the new Conference Center at Lake Placid exceeded the project's budget by more than $13 million. That means the project, which was already behind schedule, has been put on hold until the Olympic Authority can find ways to cut costs or secure more funding. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Drum housing crunch to crest in spring

North Country Public Radio is looking at a boom of large-scale real estate developments across the region in an ongoing series. In the Watertown area, homebuilders and rehabbers have been trying to catch up with a population explosion driven by the Army's expansion at Fort Drum. The military's expecting roughly 10,000 people -- soldiers plus families -- to relocate to the region as the 10th Mt. Division grows. Kevin Jordan is with the Development Authority of the North Country, which is overseeing a housing plan for the region. He told David Sommerstein the real crunch will come in the spring, when more than 6,000 Fort Drum soldiers return from a year in Afghanistan.  Go to full article

Grant to Fuel Drum Housing Boom

A $734,000 federal grant is supposed to provide another boost to Watertown's tight housing market. Congressman John McHugh and Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton secured the funds. As David Sommerstein reports, progress is slow but steady on building enough homes to absorb Fort Drum's exploding population.  Go to full article
Sgt. Michael Norwood and his family of five spent a month in temporary housing at Fort Drum.
Sgt. Michael Norwood and his family of five spent a month in temporary housing at Fort Drum.

Ft. Drum Expansion Fuels Housing Crunch

The expansion of Fort Drum near Watertown continues at a frenetic pace. By the spring, some 6,000 soldiers and their families will have relocated to northern New York in the last year and a half. The Army is building new housing on base. Private developers have plans for large subdivisions in nearby LeRay and Pamelia. But demand far exceeds supply as far as 30 miles from the base. David Sommerstein reports on the housing crunch.  Go to full article
Gov. Pataki speaks in front of blighted apartments.
Gov. Pataki speaks in front of blighted apartments.

Pataki Delivers Aid for Ft. Drum Housing Crunch

Governor Pataki was in Watertown yesterday to deliver aid for the region's housing shortage. He announced $7 million in state grants to renovate old housing and build new units in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties. As David Sommerstein reports, a 55% increase in the number of soldiers at Fort Drum is causing the squeeze.  Go to full article

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