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Max Coots and one of his sculptures at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council in Potsdam.
Max Coots and one of his sculptures at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council in Potsdam.

Remembering Max Coots

Canton's longtime Unitarian-Universalist Minister, the Rev. Max Coot, died late Tuesday at his home. He was 81. Max Coots was minister of the Canton church from 1958 to 1992. After retiring, he had a sort of second career - as a sculptor of mostly clay figures he described as "often sublime, and sometimes ridiculous." Gargoyles , animals both real and imaginary, people. Todd Moe visited Coots at his studio out side Canton just last month. You can find his profile at our website. But before the sculptures, there were the sermons, and the meditative poetry that grew out of them. The sermons are collected in the book, Leaning Against the Wind. There are two collections of Max Coots' poetry, Seasons of the Self and View From a Tree. For an Open Studio broadcast two years ago, Max Coots talked with Dale Hobson about how poetry came into his life. They opened with Coots's reading of the poem "Prayer."
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Max at work in his studio.
Max at work in his studio.

Artwork that's really play

Most artists will tell you that art is a career you never retire from. And that's the joy of being an artist. Max Coots is probably best known for having been the Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Canton. He retired in 1992 after nearly 40 years in the pulpit. His well-crafted sermons and meditative poems have been published in books, but his sculptures may come as a surprise. It was only since retiring at the age of 65 that he's been able to pursue his love of art and working with clay. Now in his early 80's, he's proof that you're never too old to follow your passions. Todd Moe has more.

Max Coots will receive an Arts Recognition Award on Saturday as part of the St. Lawrence County Arts Council's Membership Celebration at 4 pm in Potsdam. To be followed by the opening of a new exhibit of his sculptures.  Go to full article

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