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Steuben Vase Copper Wheel Engraving. Source: postcard, Corning Glass Center
Steuben Vase Copper Wheel Engraving. Source: postcard, Corning Glass Center

Steuben Glass closure a long time coming

Steuben Glass will officially shutter its Corning factory on November 29. But as the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, the company's closure has been coming for a long time.  Go to full article

Steuben Glass closing down

Steuben Glass plans to close its doors on November 29th, after more than 100 years making glassware. The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports on the company's long slide toward closure.  Go to full article
Randy and Sharlene Carpenter, with their son.
Randy and Sharlene Carpenter, with their son.

Year of Hard Choices: A job search, delayed

At the beginning of this year, we began a series called A Year of Hard Choices, looking at the challenges posed by economic losses and budget deficits. You can review all of our coverage on our website, One of those stories introduced us to the Carpenters. Sharlene and Randy are both in their late 40s. They live in Heuvelton. Sharlene lost her job three days before Christmas last year. She made high tech glass lenses at the Corning plant in Canton. She was collecting unemployment. Her husband, Randy, had been laid off from a pallet mill three months earlier. Randy was looking for work at Fort Drum. Recently, David Sommerstein visited the Carpenters again to see how 2009 treated them, and what next year may have in store.  Go to full article
Sharlene and Randy Carpenter and their granddaughter, Riley.
Sharlene and Randy Carpenter and their granddaughter, Riley.

A Year of Hard Choices: Checking in with the Carpenters

Yesterday in the first installment of our Year of Hard Choices series, we heard economics professor Greg Gardner say manufacturing jobs have been the early victims of the recession in the North Country. General Motors in Massena and Covidien in Watertown are shutting down entirely. Alcoa and New York Air Brake have laid off workers. Corning halved its workforce in 2008. That means hundreds of people around the North Country can no longer rely on a steady wage. They'll spend less at stores, theaters, restaurants, and car dealerships. Their lean times trickle down to local businesses, which may then suffer layoffs of their own. Sharlene Carpenter got her pink slip from Corning in late December, just a few months after her husband, Randy, lost his job at a local pallet mill. For today's installment in our Year of Hard Choices series, we check back with Sharlene and Randy Carpenter at their home in Heuvelton. As David Sommerstein reports, their time off of work hasn't been so bad, but tough choices loom ahead.  Go to full article

Corning to lay off a dozen more

Corning will cut another dozen jobs at its plant in Canton. The company has laid off 80 workers there in the last six months. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Corning cuts jobs as profits slump

Corning Incorporated announced yesterday it's cutting 3,500 jobs. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Corning workers reflect on jobs cuts

Earlier this month, Corning Incorporated, the high tech glassmaker, put up a list of names on the bulletin board in its plant in Canton. They were the names of 34 people whose last day of work would be three days before Christmas. Sharlene Carpenter of Heuvelton and Phil Furnace of Brasher saw their names on that list. They sat down with David Sommerstein to talk about being casualties of the economy and what the future holds. Corning began cutting its workforce in Canton more than a year ago. Furnace says his layoff was hard not to take personally.  Go to full article

Corning lays off 34; union questions timing

Labor is criticizing the timing of layoffs at the Corning plant in Canton. The high-tech glassmaker is cutting 34 jobs at the same time the plant will shut down for two weeks over the holidays to save money. The union says workers will essentially lose their jobs three days before Christmas. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

New Jobs & Pressure for Corning Canton

Corning Incorporated's announcement last week that it will consolidate two of its product lines in Canton is good news for the plant and the St. Lawrence County economy. But the number of new jobs to be created is already more modest than original estimates. And as David Sommerstein reports, expansion brings additional pressures.  Go to full article

Corning Consolidation to Bring Canton 70 Jobs

Corning Incorporated's plant in Canton will be the beneficiary of an extended slump in the computer industry. Corning announced yesterday it is closing two high-tech glass plants and consolidating their production in Canton. The move will create 70 new jobs. David Sommerstein has more.  Go to full article

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