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Our corporate tax policy is more akin to Swiss cheese than wed like to think... its filled with holes.

Coalition pushes for closure of corporate tax loopholes

A coalition of labor unions, religious groups, and others is urging Governor Cuomo and the legislature to close what they say are loopholes in the law. As Karen DeWitt reports, they say those loopholes are shielding large corporations from having to pay their fair share of taxes.  Go to full article
The two characters in "Chain" by Jem Cohen.
The two characters in "Chain" by Jem Cohen.

Chain - Life in the Corporate Landscape

The sprawling corporate landscape has become a defining feature of American culture, whether it's the Walmarts, Home Depots, and big boxes of the country or suburbs, or the Starbucks, Hiltons, and Hard Rock Cafes of the city. Veteran film director Jem Cohen calls it a "superlandscape." He's made a movie about it - part documentary, part fiction - called Chain. He'll show Chain and speak afterward Monday at 7:15 pm at the Roxy Theater in Potsdam. It's a part of the Cinema 10 film series. Cohen told David Sommerstein he's been collecting footage from malls and hotels and amusement parks all over the world for years.  Go to full article

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