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NY correctional facilities in the North Country
NY correctional facilities in the North Country

Cuomo proposes closing as many as ten state prisons

As part of his plan to balance New York's budget over the long term, Governor Cuomo wants to close as many as ten prisons statewide.

He offered to compensate each community that loses a correctional facility with $10 million in redevelopment funds.

As Brian Mann reports, it's still unclear which prisons will close or how the North Country's prison industry could be affected.  Go to full article
Tower at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora (Source:  Wikipedia)
Tower at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora (Source: Wikipedia)

Does the North Country's prison industry have a future?

Tomorrow, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will unveil a plan to cut New York's budget deficit, which now stands at more than $11 billion. Cuomo's spending plan could hit nearly every part of the North Country's economy, from schools to hospitals. He's also considering massive layoffs, with as many as 10,000 jobs on the line statewide.

One state agency that could face the deepest cuts is the Department of Correctional Services. According to the New York Times, between six and ten prisons could be slated for closure. This morning, Brian Mann looks back at the changing debate over prisons and their role as an economic engine here in the North Country.  Go to full article
Camp Gabriels prison finds no takers (Photo Source:  Save Camp Gabriels website)
Camp Gabriels prison finds no takers (Photo Source: Save Camp Gabriels website)

Tangle of rules slows Gabriels prison sale

Yesterday we heard that Governor Andrew Cuomo is talking again about downsizing the state's prison industry.

The North Country has eighteen state correctional facilities, which provide thousands of high-paying jobs.

Local leaders say finding new uses for mothballed prisons will be difficult.
The state has struggled for nearly two years to sell the Camp Gabriels prison,
which closed in 2009.

As Brian Mann reports, prisons inside the Adirondack Park are tangled up in legal questions involving the state constitution and the APA's zoning rules.  Go to full article
Goernor David Paterson moved to downsize the North Country's prison industry (File photo
Goernor David Paterson moved to downsize the North Country's prison industry (File photo

Big Stories of 2010: North Country Prison industry threatened by Albany

As we make our way through this final week of the year, Brian Mann will be checking in with his top-five picks for the most important stories of 2010.

In a year when state budget deficits drove the debate in Albany, Brian's looks back first at the renewed debate over the future of the region's prison industry.  Go to full article
Senator Little
Senator Little

Sen. Little: State budget politically motivated, but praise for Gov. Paterson

State Senator Betty Little says the budget chaos in Albany has been brutal for the North Country - with more spending for more programs shifting to communities downstate.

But she gave Governor David Paterson high marks for promising to veto additional deficit spending proposed by Democrats in the legislature.

Senator Little spoke yesterday with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Latest budget bill would save prisons in Ogdensburg and Moriah

New York's state Senate is expected to vote on Gov. David Paterson's latest budget bill today. It includes controversial revenue-raiser: an increase in the sales tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products that would make New York's tax rate the highest in the country, and action to collect taxes on Native cigarette sales (see related story). State Budget Director Robert Megna expects the bill to pass, despite the failure of earlier proposals to tax Native cigarette sales.
That would be a relief to two North Country communities -- it would save the Ogdensburg Correctional facility, and the Moriah Shock Camp, saving hundreds of jobs in the North Country. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

NC prisons' fate could hang on Paterson budget extender

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says there's progress on the state budget. Silver said his house plans to pass the public safety, transportation and economic development portions of the budget today.
Silver says he's not fazed by the governor's new ultimatum, to pass a budget by June 28th or be forced to vote on approve Paterson's spending plan in emergency spending bill. And he says he thinks some kind of accord on a full budget can be reached soon, perhaps by Monday or Tuesday.

The North Country's bipartisan legislative team is especially worried about the emergency bill expected from Paterson today. "Public safety" includes prisons, including North Country prison the governor has said he wants to close. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Comptroller probes "widespread" corruption in state Corrections Department

Investigators say a New York prison official skipped Friday work shifts for 17 years and fraudulently collected pay for the time off. A report released yesterday says Howard Dean, now retired as director of the food processing center at the Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, filed bogus time sheets and travel documents that cost taxpayers $500,000. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Inspector General Joseph Fisch also say prison management looked the other way. Mary Foley has more.  Go to full article

Two thousand rally to save the Ogdensburg prison

Some 2,000 people flooded the street outside city hall in Ogdensburg Friday to rally to save the state prison. Governor Paterson wants to close Ogdensburg Correctional Facility, Lyon Mountain, and Moriah Shock to help close New York's $9 billion budget gap. 287 people would lose jobs in Ogdensburg, eliminating millions of dollars from the local economy. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Commentary: envisioning a new direction for Moriah

The state corrections officer union says it will launch an "aggressive" campaign today designed to save three prisons in the North Country. The effort will include an ad campaign and a series of rallies targeting the Paterson administration plan to close the prisons as part of its effort to close the state budget deficit.

Donn Row, who heads the guard union, says the planned closures in Moriah, Lyon Mountain and Ogdensburg will hurt public safety and cost jobs. The governor's plan to close the three prisons sent waves of anger and anxiety through the local communities. Local and state officials have vowed to do their best to keep the facilities open.

Commentator Martha Swan is a teacher and a social justice activist. She lives in Westport, not far from the Moriah shock camp. She thinks it is time for the community to take another direction.  Go to full article

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