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Can Camp Gabriels reinvent itself (Source:  Save Camp Gabriels)
Can Camp Gabriels reinvent itself (Source: Save Camp Gabriels)

A last-ditch effort to save Camp Gabriels turns on Democratic support

State Senator Betty Little is making a last-ditch effort to save Camp Gabriels, a minimum security prison near Saranac Lake. She hopes to reinvent the camp as a vocational training and drug rehabilitation center for inmates. State corrections officials say they're still intent on closing Camp Gabriels as early as this summer, a move that would cost more than 130 local jobs. But Little hopes to win support for the prison from Democratic lawmakers who now control the state Senate. As Brian Mann reports, a final decision could come by the end of this month.  Go to full article

Rockefeller reform adds new pressure to North Country prison industry

If the state Senate does vote to reform the Rockefeller drug laws this year, it would cut dramatically the number of inmates behind bars in New York. But state Senator Betty Little is still fighting to save Camp Gabriels, a prison camp near Saranac Lake that employs more than a hundred people. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Prison advocates say education will cut crime

While much of the debate over prisons in Albany centers on the Rockefeller drug laws, inmate advocates are also hoping to revive education behind bars. The Correctional Association of New York, an inmate advocacy group, released its own report last week. The Association argues that offering prisoners access to college programs will cut dramatically the number of men and women who return to a life of crime after their release. Brian Mann spoke with Robert Gangi, executive director of the Correctional Association, who says education used to be a key part of prison life.  Go to full article

State police confirm murder-suicide in Ausable Forks

State police are releasing more details about an apparent murder-suicide in Ausable Forks this week. Otis Collins Jr., age 56, and 57-year-old Frederica Collins were found dead with gunshot wounds on Monday morning. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Governor plans 1,300 job cuts in state prison system

Governor Paterson want to cut more than 1,300 jobs from the state prison system over the next year. That includes corrections officers and civilian workers. The massive downsizing plan would mothball inmate work camps and prison farms across the North Country, including Camp Gabriels north of Saranac Lake, Mount McGregor in Saratoga County, and part of Clinton Correctional in Dannemora. The Governor also wants to use parole and alternative-sentencing programs to shrink the number of inmates behind bars. Brian Mann reports has details.  Go to full article
Staff Sgt. David Beaudin, wife Shannon, and their children Tanner and Jenarae
Staff Sgt. David Beaudin, wife Shannon, and their children Tanner and Jenarae

Soldiers home from Afghanistan, job done and new challenges ahead

More than a hundred soldiers with New York's National Guard came home to the North Country yesterday, arriving in buses at armories in Gloversville and Morrisonville. The homecoming follows a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The men served in the southern region of the war-torn country, at a time when fighting there was intensifying. As Brian Mann reports, for many of these soldiers this was a second or even a third deployment.  Go to full article
<i>New York Times</i> journalist Adam Liptak. Source: <i>NY Times</i>
New York Times journalist Adam Liptak. Source: NY Times

North Country prisons part of the "American Exception"

Prisons are a significant part of the economy and of the cultural fabric of the North Country. Some families have been working as corrections officers for three generations. Some communities are known as prison towns. And in other parts of New York, our region is sometimes called "Little Siberia" because of its network of state and federal prisons. New York Times reporter Adam Liptak says those prisons are worth a second look. In a new series of articles called "The American Exception," he raises challenging questions about our society's prison policies. Liptak spoke about his reporting in-depth with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Camp Gabriels closure prompts rally, debate

Union officials representing corrections officers at the Camp Gabriels prison in Franklin County say they'll hold a rally next Thursday in an effort to keep the facility open. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Prisons to close in Franklin, Saratoga Counties

The Spitzer administration announced on Friday plans to close four New York prisons, including two in the North Country. Camp McGregor in Saratoga County and Camp Gabriels north of Saranac Lake, both minimum security facilities, are both slated to close in 2009. At least 130 jobs will be lost in Franklin County alone. As Brian Mann reports, local officials were shocked by the decision, which came with no advance notice.  Go to full article
Richard Stratton's Federal incarceration ID (Source: R. Stratton)
Richard Stratton's Federal incarceration ID (Source: R. Stratton)

The view from inside a North Country prison

Here in the North Country, we're surrounded by neighbors most of us never see. Thousands of prison inmates live invisibly in Malone, the Tri-Lakes, Dannemora, Ogdensburg and a half-dozen other towns. In the late 1980s, the novelist and filmmaker Richard Stratton spent more than a year at the Federal prison in Ray Brook, following his conviction for smuggling large quantities of marijuana. Stratton wrote about the experience for the latest issue of Adirondack Life magazine and he spoke with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

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