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News stories tagged with "coup"

A look back at last year's NY Senate coup

One year ago this week, the state government was in gridlock, after a coup in the Senate staged by a collation of Republicans and two Democrats. Now, one year later, some are raising the specter of "Coup II," as nearly the same configuration of Senators are threatening not to vote for a budget extender, which could lead to more paralysis in the form of a government shut down. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
State Senator Betty Little (Source:  Little website)
State Senator Betty Little (Source: Little website)

Little says her relations with Democrats took a hit in Senate coup

Adirondack bureau chief Brian Mann was in Albany yesterday and sat down with state Senator Betty Little to talk about politics in the post-coup era. They met in the Senate lounge, where Little acknowledged that the Senate's institutional credibility has been seriously damaged. She said it has been hard explaining to voters in the North Country why the Republican-led coup was a good idea.  Go to full article

Year Since Failed Assembly Coup Brings Little Change

One year ago the New York State Assembly was embroiled in a coup attempt against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver that ultimately failed. Since then the Speaker seems to have gained back most of his power, but some critics say he's been slow to implement promised changes and reforms. Karen DeWitt Reports.  Go to full article

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