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Israeli pop star to conclude U.S. tour in Potsdam Wednesday

Idan Raichel is an Israeli pop star whose band, The Idan Raichel Project, has band members from five continents. He has been touring the United States for the last three weeks and wraps up his tour on October 30, 2013 in Potsdam. Joel Hurd tells us more.  Go to full article

Preview: "Beauty and the Beast" in Potsdam

The stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast opens next Tuesday night at SUNY Potsdam. Dress rehearsals for the show are underway this weekend. Todd Moe checks on the production with director Chad Larabee, who says the show includes dozens of local actors and musicians.  Go to full article

Preview: "The King and I" in Potsdam

A classic piece of musical theater opens at SUNY-Potsdam tonight. The King and I, written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, is the Community Performance Series' summer production. It's the musical story of the tutoring of the stubborn, King of Siam's wives and children by a widowed English school teacher in 1862. It was based on Margaret Landon's 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam. The Potsdam production includes a cast, staff and crew of more than 100 individuals. Todd Moe spoke with Director Vic DiMonda, and Darlene Sinclair, who plays Anna, the widowed English school teacher. DiMonda says they had to reinvent the production because of the popular Broadway and film versions starring Yul Brynner as the King.  Go to full article
Kathleen Miller in the role of the Mother Superior in the CPS production of "Nunsense" at SUNY Potsdam this week.
Kathleen Miller in the role of the Mother Superior in the CPS production of "Nunsense" at SUNY Potsdam this week.

Preview: Nunsense at SUNY Potsdam

Community Performance Series at SUNY Potsdam this week presents the musical comedy Nunsense. It's a madcap revue that satirizes convent life with an anything-goes sense of fun. The cast is made up of local actors, and director Dale Zurbrick says, you don't have to be Catholic to find humor in the antics of the endearing Little Sisters of Hoboken nunnery. Nunsense runs at SUNY Potsdam's College Theatre through July 9. Todd Moe has our preview.  Go to full article

Mayhem Poets: Hip-hop Rhythms and Performance Poetry

The Mayhem Poets, a group of hip, young artists, who demonstrate that poetry is not limited to the written page, will visit SUNY Potsdam on Friday night (7:30-Snell Theatre). They combine hip-hop rhythms and performance poetry to foster an appreciation for poetic expression. Todd Moe talks with Kyle Sutton and Scott Tarazevits, founders of Mayhem Poets.  Go to full article

Preview: Sweet Honey in the Rock in Potsdam

The Grammy Award-winning African American female a cappella ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock performs tonight in Hosmer Concert Hall at SUNY-Potsdam. Todd Moe talks with Ysaye Barnwell about the group's unique mix of spirituals, hymns, jazz, blues, Hip Hop and African chants.  Go to full article

Preview: Red Grammer's Concert for Families

Red Grammer is one of the most sought-after children's performers in the nation. With numerous appearances on television and radio, Red has the unique talent for delighting audiences of all ages. He and his wife, co-lyricist Kathy Grammer, write music for families that understand and respect the power of music to influence young hearts and minds. Red Grammer presents a family concert Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock in Hosmer Concert Hall at SUNY Potsdam. Todd Moe chats with Red about children's music.  Go to full article

Anonymous 4 and Lionheart in Potsdam

A preview of tonight's CPS concert at SUNY Potsdam featuring acapella superstars Anonymous 4 and Lionheart. The concert includes some of the most seductive and intriguing music written in the Renaissance. Todd Moe talks with Johanna Maria Rose, one of the members of Anonymous 4, about early music and tonight's concert.  Go to full article

Fiddle Star Mark O'Connor in Concert Saturday Night in Potsdam

Todd Moe chats with violin and fiddle superstar Mark O'Connor for a preview of his solo recital Saturday night at Hosmer Concert Hall at the Crane School of Music.  Go to full article

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