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Croghan Island Mill owner John Martin
Croghan Island Mill owner John Martin

Tour the Croghan Island Mill

David Sommerstein spent some more time with John Martin, the owner and operator of the Croghan Island Mill, and went on a tour. Martin specializes in custom windows and doors...things you can't get at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Martin says his father bought the mill from Lehman & Zehr, the original owners, in 1969.  Go to full article
The Croghan Island Mill
The Croghan Island Mill

Citizens and students team up to save Croghan mill

An historic North Country sound is in danger of disappearing, the rhythmic sound of the wheelhouse of the Croghan Island Mill, one of the only operating mechanical sawmills left in New York. It's dam has been crumbling since the 1980s. And the Department of Environmental Conservation says it needs to be removed. But local residents and St. Lawrence University students are teaming up to try to save it.  Go to full article
One of the 5,500 sap buckets at Yancey's Sugarbush near Croghan.
One of the 5,500 sap buckets at Yancey's Sugarbush near Croghan.

Gearing up for another season of sap

It's only a couple of weeks until the sap starts flowing from maple trees across the North Country. And maple producers are getting ready. Todd Moe talks with a fifth generation maple producer in Lewis County.  Go to full article

Celebrating farms and local food

NCPR is media sponsor for "Local Foods Connections," three events in early May celebrating the agriculture of the North Country with a focus on local food and the farm-to-table movement. The events will feature food experts, farmers, chefs and business people working toward local food sustainability. The events are May 1st in Lake Clear, May 2nd in Alexandria Bay and May 3rd in Croghan. Todd Moe spoke with Jefferson County Cooperative Extension's Molly Ames, one of the organizers.  Go to full article

Maple season just getting started

State agriculture commissioner Patrick Hooker says New York's maple season is off to a good start, with perfect weather for sap to run. The state has about 1500 maple producers. Sugaring businesses in Lewis County produce the most maple syrup in the state. Jane Yancey's family owns Yancey's Sugarbush near Croghan. They tap about 5,000 trees. She told Todd Moe that the season is just getting started.  Go to full article

Very Special Place: Marilley?s in Croghan

For many years in the small towns of the North Country, the general store was the center of activity. If you were looking for vinegar, horseshoe nails, a yard of gingham cloth of the latest news from around town, the general store was the place to go. Today, NCPR and TAUNY, Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, continue our look at some very special places in the North Country. Joel Hurd and Varick Chittenden visited E.M. Marilley's in Croghan, a place that endured long after the introduction of big box retailers, and claimed to be "dealers in nearly everything."  Go to full article

Maple Season Underway

The maple syrup season is underway across much of the North Country. Over the weekend, hundreds of visitors and neighbors stopped by Yancey's Sugarbush, near Croghan, in Lewis County, to watch the maple syrup production process. Yancey's farm is a fifth generation dairy operation that includes a 165-acre sugar bush. Haskell Yancey told Todd Moe some of his trees were stressed last summer by an infestation of tent caterpillars.  Go to full article
One of the 5,500 sap buckets at Yancey's Sugarbush near Croghan.
One of the 5,500 sap buckets at Yancey's Sugarbush near Croghan.

Croghan Crazy about Maple Syrup

It's a busy week for New York's maple syrup producers. In 2005, they made more than 222,000 gallons of syrup according to the New York Agricultural Statistics Service. Sugaring businesses in Lewis County produce the most maple syrup in the state. On Saturday, Todd Moe visited the American Maple Museum in Croghan, and a fifth generation maple producer.  Go to full article

Canton and Croghan Receive Community Development Program Grants

Two North Country communities are getting help from a government grant aimed at boosting their local economies and creating jobs. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

LTX Fiber to Reopen Beaver Falls Paper Mill

There was another bit of good news yesterday for the ailing North Country paper industry. State officials announced the purchase of the Beaver Falls paper mill near the Lewis County village of Croghan. David Sommerstein has the details.  Go to full article

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