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Cuomo, leaders agree on protection of disabled in state care

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers seem determined that June 21 will be the last day of session. There were major agreements over the weekend. Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders say they have agreed on a sweeping reform of the state's system of caring for the disabled that has been marked for years by abuse and death. The massive bureaucracy cares for 1 million people.

For Cuomo, the deal announced Sunday fulfills a major legislative goal. Cuomo had said that if lawmakers didn't agree on reform of the care of the disabled by end of session, he'd keep them in Albany in special session until they did.  Go to full article
Photo: Evil Erin via Wikipedia
Photo: Evil Erin via Wikipedia

New law would limit teen tanning, but is it enough?

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders have agreed to limit the use of tanning beds by teenagers, but the American Cancer Society says the bill does not go far enough. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Hydraulic Fracturing supporters, opponents face off in Albany

Supporters and opponents of a plan to allow limited hydrofracking in New York's Southern Tier region confronted each other at the state Capitol. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) publication. The cover story is about their toolkit for influencing the state budget process.
ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) publication. The cover story is about their toolkit for influencing the state budget process.

Is ALEC a lobbying group? Senate dems try to work it out

A hearing by Senate Democrats explored the influence of the controversial lobby group known as ALEC in New York State. Those who testified say more light needs to shine on the secretive group and even urged the state ethics commission to start an investigation.  Go to full article

Lake Ontario lawmakers ask Cuomo to halt IJC water levels plan

State lawmakers representing communities along the south shore of Lake Ontario are lining up against a plan to regulate water levels in the Lake, and in the St. Lawrence River system.

The opposition is frustrating to environmental groups, and many in riverfront communities. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

With few days left in NY state legislative session, many issues still unresolved

State lawmakers are due to end the 2012 legislative session in about a week and a half. While Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are downplaying any hope of major agreements on some key issues, a survey of New Yorkers find that voters want action. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the story.  Go to full article

Even after ethical questions, most New Yorkers still like Cuomo

Despite some negative publicity over donations from a gambling conglomerate, a recent poll from Siena College says Governor Andrew Cuomo remains popular among New Yorkers. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article
We need to stop talking about a divide between campaign money and lobbying money and start to talk about political money.

Lobby group associated with Cuomo Overshadows Ethics Hearing

A lobby group closely associated with Governor Andrew Cuomo was the elephant in the room during a hearing by the state ethics commission on new rules for donor disclosure.  Go to full article
Students during Feburary lobbying effort in Albany.  (Photo: Carol Pynchon)
Students during Feburary lobbying effort in Albany. (Photo: Carol Pynchon)

Canton students reflect on advocacy effort, as they prepare to graduate

High school seniors are getting ready to graduate. For students in the A-P Government class at Canton Central, it's been a year of learning firsthand how government works. They got riled up when they learned that their school might need to eliminate things like sports and theatre, as well as jobs because of decisions in the state budget. So, they took action.

Along with a few hundred parents and school officials, they took a bus trip to Albany in February to lobby lawmakers. In the end, the state restored some money to Canton Central and other rural schools. However, the district still plans to cut programs, and more than 24 jobs.

Now that it's graduation time, the seniors have had a few months to reflect on their lobbying effort. We spoke with Susannah Sudborough and Pat McGaw who were both touched by the experience but came away with opposite conclusions about what it will mean for their own futures.

Our story was produced by Julie Grant and Natasha Haverty.  Go to full article
It seems as if the price of getting the governors ear is a campaign contribution.

Ethics committee questions lobby group associated with Gov. Cuomo

One day before the state ethics commission is to hold hearings on new rules for lobbying disclosures, there are more revelations about a multi-million dollar advocacy group associated with Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Go to full article

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