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They deserve human dignity. They deserve to be treated fairly.

NY moves to end abuse of people with special needs in state care

Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday announced a major reform package aimed at ending the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in state care. Marie Cusick reports from Albany.  Go to full article

Schools say living within tax cap means big sacrifices

On May 15th, voters across New York will go to the polls to consider school district budgets. For the first time, schools will be under the constraint of a property tax cap, and school leaders say they've had to make "sacrifices" to live within those limits. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

A new way of looking at road, bridge projects

Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed his second blue ribbon panel of the week- this time to oversee infrastructure and capital projects including road and bridge repairs for the state. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

New state task force will spend more money on infrastructure

Governor Cuomo announced the formation of a new task force yesterday to oversee infrastructure projects. As the Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports, he also announced that more money will go to the state's regional economic development councils.  Go to full article
[It] is not clear that the cost of these...economic development activities equate to the benefits.

Industrial Development Agencies don't mean jobs, comptroller report finds

State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office is out with its annual review of industrial development agencies. As the Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney reports, the comptroller found little linkage between job creation and tax breaks.  Go to full article
Photo: Karen DeWitt
Photo: Karen DeWitt

Anti-fracking group petitions Cuomo, state government

Anti fracking groups presented Governor Cuomo with 200,000 signatures asking for a ban on the gas drilling process in New York, and a State Senator predicts the opposition will have an effect on the governor. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article

At the state capitol, things get testy over campaign finance reform

Democrats and Republicans in the State Senate are engaged in some good old-fashioned partisan squabbling over reform of the state's campaign finance system. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article

Cuomo names education panel, looks for "action plan"

Governor Cuomo named a blue ribbon commission to look at the problems facing education in New York, instructing them to come back with an "action plan" not a "theoretical document."  Go to full article
Paul Nojaim explained how his family-run grocery store in Syracuse will participate in the state's Youth Works program. Ryan Delaney /Innovation Trail
Paul Nojaim explained how his family-run grocery store in Syracuse will participate in the state's Youth Works program. Ryan Delaney /Innovation Trail

State promotes youth jobs program

The Cuomo administration is promoting a job hiring program for young people in some of the state's most economically hurting areas. The Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney has details.  Go to full article

State says community support will be major part of fracking decisions

Earth Day came and went in New York without too much discussion of what many environmentalists believe to be the biggest issue facing the state, when and where the gas drilling process known as hydrofracking will occur. Karen DeWitt has an update.  Go to full article

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