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Minimum wage hike may be dead

A months-old proposal to raise the minimum wage for millions of New Yorkers may be dead. Assembly Democrats say they have the votes to approve an increase today. But Senate Republicans say they won't take the measure up, and it's not on Gov. Cuomo's list for action by the end of this term, June 21. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Poll shows New Yorkers like legislators more--but don't want them to get a raise

A new Siena College poll finds that New Yorkers hold increasingly positive views about the state legislature--but they still don't want to see lawmakers get a pay raise. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
The legislature and the governor have got to get together and come up with an overall plan, and quickly.

Funding expert: NY schools on "sliding slope" toward fiscal insolvency

Voters across New York state will decide Tuesday whether or not to approve their local school district budgets, and the property tax levies needed to pay for them. School budgets are complicated, to say the least, and they're even more complicated this year because the new 2% property tax increase cap is putting additional limits on what school boards can ask for. Many schools have had to make serious cuts in the last couple years--and are now looking at more.

We heard last week on how one rural school district is trying to balance its financial needs with money coming from local taxes and the state. For a wider view, WRVO's Catherine Loper spoke with Rick Timbs, executive director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium. They spoke about the effect this year's budget cycle will have on schools and the future of education funding in New York--and about new questions raised by the tax cap:  Go to full article

Governor Andrew Cuomo praises Obama's support for same-sex marriage

Governor Cuomo, who won national praise and attention for championing the passage of same sex marriage in New York, calls President Obama's support of gay marriage a "major advancement for equal rights in this country."  Go to full article
President Obama set out a "to do" list for members of Congress. Image:
President Obama set out a "to do" list for members of Congress. Image:

President Obama praises New York State tech businesses in Albany speech

President Barack Obama was warmly welcomed Tuesday at the University of Albany's nanotechnology center...and he used the occasion to praise the private-public partnership that funds the school.
Mr. Obama said the private sector is the quote-"true engine" of job creation in the US, not government--but that government can help, by making it easier for companies to hire new workers. And he said Congress isn't doing all it can.  Go to full article
They deserve human dignity. They deserve to be treated fairly.

NY moves to end abuse of people with special needs in state care

Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday announced a major reform package aimed at ending the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in state care. Marie Cusick reports from Albany.  Go to full article

Schools say living within tax cap means big sacrifices

On May 15th, voters across New York will go to the polls to consider school district budgets. For the first time, schools will be under the constraint of a property tax cap, and school leaders say they've had to make "sacrifices" to live within those limits. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

A new way of looking at road, bridge projects

Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed his second blue ribbon panel of the week- this time to oversee infrastructure and capital projects including road and bridge repairs for the state. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

New state task force will spend more money on infrastructure

Governor Cuomo announced the formation of a new task force yesterday to oversee infrastructure projects. As the Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports, he also announced that more money will go to the state's regional economic development councils.  Go to full article
[It] is not clear that the cost of these...economic development activities equate to the benefits.

Industrial Development Agencies don't mean jobs, comptroller report finds

State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office is out with its annual review of industrial development agencies. As the Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney reports, the comptroller found little linkage between job creation and tax breaks.  Go to full article

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