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Legislature haunted by recent deals as it looks to move forward with budget

The state legislature met Monday for the first time since striking deals on pension reform and new district lines. It tried to focus on its new task, agreeing on a budget.

But as Karen DeWitt reports, the legislature found the old issues continue to have repercussions, as a major union suspended all endorsements and contributions over the pension vote.  Go to full article
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention

In fiery GOP convention address, Pataki says Obama "stealing from our future"

Republicans gathered in Rochester Friday to pick a candidate to challenge Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Former governor George Pataki was the keynote speaker at the Republican convention in Rochester. Pataki praised the current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, saying Cuomo's "made some very positive steps."

But Pataki gave a fiery speech against President Barack Obama and he says this year's election is a fight for the very "soul" of the nation.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County leaders furious about redistricting

St. Lawrence County leaders are furious about New York's newly approved Assembly and Senate legislative district lines. The county has been split into four assembly districts, and three senate seats. Some say they were the big losers in Albany's backroom politics.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo speaking with reporters in his office Thursday
Governor Cuomo speaking with reporters in his office Thursday

Public worker unions furious over late-night pension deal

The overnight session of the state legislature this week, where pension reform and other items were passed after weeks of contention, has left public worker unions, and even some lawmakers, fuming. Meanwhile Governor Cuomo says it had be done that way. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article

Backroom talks yield deals on divisive issues

The New York Senate and Assembly approved new electoral district lines, as Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders announced agreement on a number of other unrelated issues yesterday. Advocates immediately called the deal on the new lines an assault on voter rights.

The redistricting announcement last night came as backroom talks yielded agreements on expansion of the state's DNA data base, pension reform, and an amendment to allow more gambling in New York. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo surveys the damage from Hurricane Irene, August, 2011
Governor Cuomo surveys the damage from Hurricane Irene, August, 2011

NY State will help farmers pay to replace feed, crops damaged in Irene and Lee

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state will give $950,000 in additional recovery aid to New York farms affected by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo delivering his budget address, January 2012
Governor Cuomo delivering his budget address, January 2012

Cuomo, unions go head to head on Tier VI pensions

Public worker unions have gone on the offensive against Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposed new pension tier, invoking class warfare. Meanwhile the governor is warning that if there's no resolution, thousands of local government employees will be laid off.  Go to full article
My trust level is low, my skepticism is high.

Cuomo: Constitutional amendment won't fix redistricting

The legislature is poised to pass a redistricting package that includes a constitutional amendment to change the process in the future. But Governor Cuomo says the current proposal is still not good enough. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
If we could deal with the $200 million, that's a quick fix, but it does not fix the larger issue.

Parents react to Senate plan to funnel aid to rural schools

State senator Patty Ritchie says the latest budget proposals are good news for poor and rural districts - but some north country parents say lawmakers aren't going far enough.

Under Governor Andrew Cuomo's budget plan, $250 million in state education aid was funneled toward competitive grants. Ritchie says the Senate proposal funnels $200 million of that to districts that need it most.  Go to full article

Reform groups wrangle over redistricting constitutional amendment

Government reform groups are badly fractured over a proposed constitutional amendment poised for passage in the legislature to change the state's redistricting process. Some say it's the best deal that can be obtained and will represent some reform. Others say it's an unacceptable step backwards. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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