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Helping Hands of Potsdam director Tom Chapell and other volunteers unload a donation of firewood
Helping Hands of Potsdam director Tom Chapell and other volunteers unload a donation of firewood

Volunteers fill gaps left by social service funding cuts

As local, state and federal governments are looking for ways to do more with less money, demand for aid and services to the poor is increasing.

That's creating some gaps between government-funded organizations' missions and their means.

In St. Lawrence County, volunteer organizations are stepping in to fill some of those gaps--
And as Nora Flaherty reports, they're doing it by being creative--and harnessing local resources.  Go to full article
Photo: Innovation Trail
Photo: Innovation Trail

Dryden court decision could open door for local fracking bans

A judge in Cortland County has upheld the Tomkins county town of Dryden's ban on gas drilling within its borders. As the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, this is just the first step in what could be a long process.  Go to full article
Former NY-20 Rep. Scott Murphy, member of NY Lead.
Former NY-20 Rep. Scott Murphy, member of NY Lead.

Bipartisan group says campaign finance reform good for democracy

A new bipartisan group is endorsing Governor Andrew Cuomo's call for a change in the way New York State politicians finance their campaigns. The group--NY Lead--includes some big names in business, like David Rockefeller and George Soros's son Jonathan Soros...and former elected officials from the democratic and republican parties.

NY Lead is pushing for a public financing system, which it says will encourage candidates to fund their campaigns by getting lots of small donations. It's also calling for lower limits on individual and business contributions.  Go to full article
Keene Valley Central School in Keene Valley, NY
Keene Valley Central School in Keene Valley, NY

State and teachers reach evaluations deal on Cuomo deadline day

Just hours before a deadline imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, state education officials and the teachers unions came to some agreements on a statewide teacher evaluation plan. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the story.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County official says redistricting plans will "filet" county

A St. Lawrence County official says a redistricting plan proposed by the state legislature would give his county much less political say, by dividing it among four different state Assembly members and three senators. The county is currently represented by two of each.

The plan has drawn fire from good government groups who say the new political maps are unfair and biased, and from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has threatened to veto them.

St. Lawrence County Planning Director Keith Zimmerman and other county officials testified Tuesday at a hearing of the "LATFOR" redistricting commission in Syracuse.

Zimmerman told the commission the plan would make it hard for lawmakers to effectively represent the county.

Nora Flaherty spoke with Zimmerman Wednesday.  Go to full article
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:

New York State more likely to have three primaries after Senate says bill is DOA

The Leader of the State Senate says an Assembly bill to hold state legislative primaries on June 26th is dead on arrival in his house. As Karen DeWitt reports, that means it's more likely the state will hold three separate primaries this year.  Go to full article
This system right now is built for the big donor. Its not built for the average donor.

Bipartisan groups looks to limit NY State campaign contributions

A new bipartisan coalition of former elected officials, and business and civic leaders, is endorsing Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan for campaign finance reform.

The group includes wealthy civic leaders including David Rockefeller, Jonathan Soros, the son of George Soros, and Frederick A.O. Schwartz, who is now with NYU's Brennan Center as well as former elected officials of both major parties. (Correction: the spokesman for the group is former North Country Congressman Scott Murphy, not Chris Murphy.)  Go to full article
This is not the first time weve been to this dance.

NY redistricting likely headed to federal "master"

The legislature's newly drawn state Senate and Assembly lines, as well as new congressional lines, may be headed toward a special master appointed by a federal court. As Karen DeWitt reports, there's a pattern here.  Go to full article

Quinipiac Poll finds voters trust Cuomo more than teachers' unions

A new poll finds that New York state voters trust Governor Andrew Cuomo to safeguard education more than they trust the teachers' unions.

Cuomo has pushed unions hard on teacher evaluations. Today is the deadline het set for unions and the state Education Department to come up with a new plan for evaluations. He has said he'll impose his own reforms if they don't.  Go to full article

State, teachers unions strike a bargain on teacher evaluations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, teachers unions, and state Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. have reached a statewide agreement on a tougher teacher evaluation system. Governor Cuomo said it's a great day for New York State's schoolchildren:  Go to full article

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